August 20th, 2009

have any of you heard of this?

I just today came across a website that sells lolita dresses, and I was wondering if anyone had heard of them before or bought anything from them. Not all of their dresses are all that cute looking, but there are a few that I kind of like. I especially like the tartan taffeta.
The website is called Shattered Glass Designs. Here's the link:

I ask about this site, because they are cheap enough that I could actually afford to buy from them, but I don't want to buy anything if it's poor quality or the company is not a good one. Please let me know what you think!
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An Invitation

Hello all!

It's been pointed out to me that perhaps not all of the local lolitas are on our local boards, so I'm x-posting this for the sake of any Midwestern lolitas I haven't invited yet. Lolitas from afar who are willing to travel would also be welcome!

This is an open invitation to attend the Dickensian Yule Ball, in Minneapolis MN. The ball will be held in the historic and stately Harrington Mansion, pictures of which are on our site.  We will have live music, caroling, Victorian holiday games, a sumptuous buffet of snacks and desserts, and a silent charity auction, benefiting local literacy initiatives. I'm holding the ball primarily for the lolita community, so it should be a wonderfully frilly event.  You can go to for full details.  I'm posting now because we have a strict limit of 60 guests, and already in August we're 1/4th full.

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Sizes Question


I've been shopping around for a cute dress to wear at conventions and such. I fell in love with this design by Bodyline: Jumper Skirt P007. The only thing is, I have no idea what the measurements are.

There are two sizes listed, a "m" and a "4L." Has anyone had experience with these sizes before or know what they mean? I've put an e-mail into Bodyline, but I'm also hoping for some advice from folks who have purchased from them before.

Thanks for your help!
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Lolis in Beijing/China?

This is an extreeeemely long shot, but are there any English LJ comms for lolis in Beijing or elsewhere in Mainland China (not Hong Kong) at all?

As far as I've experienced over the past couple of years, LJ is blocked in China (I've tried in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and a smattering of smaller cities over the past 2-3 years), but here's to hoping.  I'd love to find one so I can lurk on it a bit and hopefully find some new places to see/shop since I'm planning to go back to Beijing over X-mas/New Years.  Maybe even find someone who'd want to go shopping with me.

If no one knows of any comms on LJ, anyone have any English loli forums, BBS, whatever else at all?

I speak Mandarin fluently, but I read nearly none, so it's been rather difficult to find anything online, and I'm starting to get a bit sick of always shopping at the same 4-5 malls/markets looking for loli-able stuff every time I'm there (which is practically every year).

If a community/forum is too much to hope for, any lolis here have any places in Beijing they would recommend (that's not 77th Street cause no matter how much GLP and K-Star they put in there, it's still bad quality)?  I'm mainly aiming to find some new cute clothes at decent prices.  Tianyi Market pretty much has all the accessories I could ever want. ^^

Good Ol' Chattin Time

 Hey ladies. Its a thursday and I'm slightly bored, and thought hey, good time for some good ol' chatting fun ~!
Come and have some fun chit chat at eglchat !
Just select "Go to Chatroom" and type in the name of the chat room and your set !
Hope to see some of you lovely ladies (and gents) there !~
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A Long Shot: Lolitas in El Salvador?

I know there are small amounts of Lolitas in South America but what about Central America?

Or could it possibly be that I am the world's only (ex-pat) Salvatrucha Lolita? I doubt I'll be able to wear it when I am there because my family is well off there ergo that leaves me and my nana (my travel companion) vulnerable to kidnapping. Best not to draw attention to ones self but I am curious if there are any there. Ya never know right?
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