August 19th, 2009

New Community

[Posted with permission from idelia]

There has previously been talk of creating a "lolita panel"-styled community, where EGL's members can go to pose questions about the fashion, and receive responses from those who have experience in dressing lolita. Such a community has been created, and can be found here:


We welcome just about any sort of question from any user, and all are welcome to join. For those who do not wish to ask their question publicly, we have a system which enables inquiries to be made anonymously. We also strongly encourage every member of the community to share their knowledge and answer any questions that they can, and we are always seeking to add to our staff of moderators and helpers!
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First thing - I'm very nervous about posting the photos, because ero-loli has always been a little in the grey area for me...
I hope I managed to not fall down to tacky level?

Either way I'm open to critique! Especially since somebody has already commented that there's "too much ero and too little loli". Please, give me your honest opinion!Collapse )

ETA, since I'm genuinely curious - where do you think lies the line between ero-lolita and "off"? When doing this outfit I was a bit uncertain, but thought it does fall within ero-loli range - judging by the comments I was mistaken. On the other hand, I pretty much hate the majority of Kana's ero-loli outfits and find them rather tacky.

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BTSSB INMAIDORIMU Sweetest Exhibition

Yesterday was the opening of the Baby INMAIDORIMU Sweetest Exhibition in Shinjuku MaruiOne. They have a small section where they are exhibiting specific dresses and merchandise. I think you can vote on which one will be reprinted and sold exclusively at the Shinjuku MariuOne. It's going on until the end of August~ so definitely go see it if you have the chance!

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NYC Japan Street Fair- Anyone going?

On sunday there's going to be a Japan Street Fair on Madison Ave in NYC. I was hoping to see some other Lolitas there.

I know there was a post about it from three or so weeks ago, but I can't find it anymore, not even with the search. Plus, I felt a more current post about it made sense anyway.
So is anyone going?
Here's the website for it, if anyone's interested:
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I wasn't able to find any info on the Atlanta Lolita LJ, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask here. ^^

Just wondering if there were any loli meet-ups planned for Dragon*Con and if so where and when? Unfortunately my only con-going lolita buddy won't be able to make it to D*Con, so it'd be great to meet up with some folks. :D