August 17th, 2009

Colorful Paris Windows

Lolitas in the News? Thats US!

So today was an awesome eventful day. Today, thewandererchan hosted a bunch of Lolitas from Virginia, DC, and Maryland to get together for a picnic on The National Mall, afterward we went to the National Air and Space Museum and experienced the Universe and other things! Then we hit up the Hershorn Museum of Modern Art and then headed home after they kicked us out at 5:30. On our frilly walk to the Metro we got stopped by ABC Channel 7. The guy there interviewed chaos_rocker and myself, he seemed to talk to me more, but they ended up cutting out much of what I said, jerk.

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First ever outing in Lolita.

Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster, so if I've done anythignwrong in this post, feel free to delete, or tell me where I can fix it up!

Anyway, the point of this post was to show and kind of celebrate my first ever outing in Lolita!
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In advance, thanks for the comments and opinions!

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Is it can be egl chat tiem now?

It's a boring Monday. Anyone wanna hop on AIM and buddy chat?

The chat room is eglchat, message nekusagichan for an invite or go into buddy chat and invite yourself.
(apologies to the usual chat people, I hope I'm not stepping on any toes by initating this time.)

To join, just go to "AIM>Chat>Buddy chat" on the main window menu. Under names to invite, type yours, and then "eglchat" in the room blank.
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To the mods: I read the rules and as I am not advertising per se I thought this would be ok however since it is a rather thin line I will understand if this needs to be deleted and my apologies.

One of the secrets on loli_secret got me re-thinking an old idea, I have wanted to make an 18+ loli comm but I wasn't sure about how much of an interest there would be for one.

Just to clearify this isn't due to some misguided thought that underage loli’s are inferior in any way or anything like that.

It would mainly be a community where 18+ art would be allowed (of course I am talking about tasteful 18+ art and not porn), and a place for us older Lolitas to talk about more adult related topics, and this maturity idea is not just for more sexually liberal conversation and picture topics but also about over all more mundane mature topics, from how your co-workers handle your loli-ness how your boyfriends/husbands/fiancé’s feel, to how you make time to indulge yourself while having a job/going to college etc and everything in between.

The point of this is really to ask do you over 18 loli’s think this would be a good idea?

Edit: I've decided to create it, thank you for all the help I have taken every comment into consideration and appreciate your comments they've gotten me thinking about aspects I hadn't thought of at all.
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again, to the writing princesses

Hello again~

A week or two ago, there was a discussion of writing lolitas here. The idea of a creative writing/ literature comm for victorian/princesse/lolita/generally-lovely ideas was thrown up. So I thought, hey, I should give that a go. So, lo and behold, was born. I think that it will be a good place for literary discussion (books, stories, writers) and will hopefully help to nurture those budding writers with helpful, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Keep in mind, it's not limited to just lolita!

Thanks, and please check it out! It's brand-new and ready to play!
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To dive or not to dive....

First, I'd like to note that I love the idea of being something completely unique and different. It will always make for a more interesting and colorful world. And, with saying that, I LOVE GOTHIC LOLITA! and after speaking with my friend digitalred , I decided I wanted to jump in too. I had never heard of EGA until just this morning, and already I love the fashion. It just makes not only for elegant clothes, but must be amazing for conversation.

But, I want to make sure I don't dive into this with my head full of ideas, only to accidentally start offending people or something. What are the main things I need to know before doing this? What is some of the practiced etiquette? Whats the average cost for aristocrat style? (sadly, I am on a bit of a budget)

Sorry if I ask too many questions. none the less, I hope to learn as much as I can, and one thing I already know, Aristocrats like having long hair, so that's perfect for me!

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creamy mami

Baby Lucky Packs/Sets

Sorry if this has been asked before.. I didn't find much when I searched...

It's my first time buying Lucky Packs/Special Sets from Baby and I was wondering how early you need to get to the store in order to get one? I plan on being there before it opens, but I'm not sure if people line up early or not.
Thanks to anyone who can give me some advice!