August 15th, 2009

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Sailor Loli Recommendations?

I've recently become very interested in Sailor Loli (possibly in an attempt to lighten the somewhat dismal British summer), but I can't find brands that sell that sort of thing. I've tried Baby, Innocent World, Victorian Maiden and Fan+Friend, but so far nothing. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Lolita Noob Has Questions (again)

When it comes to your hair, are bangs absolutey important in lolita? I have.... semi-bangs, but every lolita I've ever seen has full out, straight across, can't tell if their forehead exists or not, bangs. ;A; Is it just a trend, or do I need to go make an appointment with my hair dresser? V.V

Many Thanks.
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Re-Opening of h.naoto Web Shop for International Orders!

For those who aren't aware, h.naoto's original International online shop (where they used prostores) was closed at the end of July. They re-opened!

As you can see, they're no longer relying on prostore. It seems they have far more stuff than what they had before. In the shipping page, they have a list of which countries they can ship to here. The shipping cost goes by weight and also depends where you're from. For those in the US and Canada, you're looking at 2400 yen for 1kg and for those in Europe it's 2800 yen.

As you'll notice, they use Google translator to translate their products description. D:

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point me in the right direction

I'm going to sell some shoes on the comm_sales but I've never bought/sold before. how does the whole paypal stuff work?. like when they send the seller their account then the seller invoices them? sorry for this bothersome question I don't want to make a mistake and be taged as the bad seller. and the only thing I can find is the dos and don'ts list on the comm_sales

Some words about the opening :)

My name is Angelica, and I'm one of the shop staff at the BtSSB store in SF and I just wanted to share a few thoughts with everyone from the staff about opening day.

Firstly, we(the BtSSB staff) would like to thank everyone for your support and for contributing to a FANTASTIC opening day you were all wonderful, and it great to see such a postive reponse to all our efforts, thank you all so much for visiting whether or not you made a purchase you were all great and your being there meant a lot to everyone :)

Secondly, we just wanted to clarify a few rules so you guys know since we couldn't really go through any today :3 First, only OPs, JSKs, and SKIRTS may be tried on, NOT shirts or socks. Second, if you try something one, please don't leave it in the fitting room, bring it back out so we can place it back on a rack(there were piles of dresses in the dressing rooms at the end of the day). Thanks for your understanding :)

We look forward to seeing everyone again soon, some at the tea party and others in the shop so stop by anytime you want, even if it's just to look. And remember, we still need to hire one more person so send your resume and a picture to and maybe we'll be working together in the future!

And sorry for all the craziness, we had only been let in the building the day before around 2pm, so everything was a rush job, I hope everyone enjoyed themsleves anyway >.<'

also, as this is my personal blog please don't ad me if you want BtSSB updates, we'll try to get our company blog going ASAP, thanks again :D