August 13th, 2009

  • ringo88

Question: IW overseas order form

I've been trying to order some stuff from Innocent World using their special order form for overseas shoppers. I've submitted three times already and still haven't not received an automatic confirmation email. Is there something wrong with the IW order form? Do they always give u an automatic confirmation email?

Thanks :)
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Culinary Question~

Hello egl!

I have a couple of quick questions regarding food and lolita. I know the lot of you enjoy dessert and sweet treats, but when it comes to regular dining, for meet-ups and whatnot, what kind of food do lolitas prefer? Or, better yet, is there a specific type of food that is seen as 'lolita'?

This may seem like a completely stupid question, but I am genuinely curious, as I'd love to share some of my recipes with all of you C:

I'm also curious, due to this month's theme, if any of you would be interested in a detailed post about cake decorating with lolita themes?
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Let's network!

I  was wondering if anyone on egl has a dailybooth account. :D

I'd love to follow some lolitas!

For those who don't know, dailybooth is a social networking site where you're encouraged to take a photo every day and upload it. You can put up anything and write a caption. if you see people you think look interesting you can add them too! ♥

My account is

Please share your accounts c: