August 12th, 2009

GLB Pattern help

Girls, I may be's quite possible I over looked it, but I can't seem to find anything in the memories.

I have two Japanese Gothic Lolita Bibles and really want to sew the patterns in them. Am I missing something? Is there a way to unfold them without ripping the clean edges? Or does anyone know how to take them out without ripping my bibles?

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Question about shopping

Hello ladies :)

I have recently started to delve into Lolita fashion a bit, so I don't have much experience with how the popular brands run their shopping website. I tried searching the memories, but I didn't really find an answer to my question.

Anyway, I saw the Melty chocolate JSK on Angelic Pretty's Japanese website a while ago and fell in love with the mint/brown JSK. Since I saw that the English website didn't offer reservations, I thought I wouldn't get the chance to own this lovely piece, seeing as how on the Japanese website all pieces were sold out.

I recently discovered that this JSK was being offered on the English website a few days ago, but it looks like I unfortunately missed that sale as well ( 2 days!)

My question is, once a piece is sold out, is that pretty much it? Or do the stores offer it again after some time? I would really like to own this. If anyone can offer me any info regarding this, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks girls ^__^
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BtSSB Paris Review

I ordered directly from the BtSSB Paris Store, and this is my review of the experience, I hope it's usefull!
The people there were nice and they agreed with me making the payment on a set date that was a week after the actual order. I even had to delay the payment an extra day then was expected and they were okay with it, I warned them of course.

After the payment was made I asked that my order was not sent by Chronopost, they didn't accept my request and said it wasn't possible because it had already been sent out. I asked for tracking and the reply was that it hadn't been sent out yet. I was confused and asked why I was told at first that it was sent then that it wasn't, and the tracking came in the next e-mail, my order was sent on that day not before. The person who wrote the e-mail tried to explain what hapened but the english wasn't understandable lol ^^'

(only the white one is from the BtSSB Paris Store btw)

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I payed by EUropean bank transfer, everything was easy and shopping there is very intuitive ^^ I have no complaints except for the slight confusion with the sending of my order and the fact that they don't let you choose a different shipping method.

I hope this was helpfull!

InnoSera 2009 Photo Post and Con Report!

Hi, all! I posted the link to my photos on Sunday night, but since I had to run off to the beach with my family immediately afterward, I couldn't do a big fancy post like I normally do. So, here is my slightly belated con report! Same photos, but now with CONTEXT! And just a warning, there are some doll photos in here since InnoSera is a lolita and BJD con. There aren't too many of them, though.


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Measurements question for IW JSK

Hello everyone!
I really fell in love with a JSK from IW and now the exact same one is on sale at Closet Child. But the measurements they gave let me down.
Does anyone here have that JSK and can tell me if that is really the max for that JSK? It seems to be a lot smaller than many others from them. ;__; I just want to make sure, before I give up on it.

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Thanks so much for your help!

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Two things:
a) There's an auction ending in 7 hours on MBOK which I want quite badly, is there anyone willing to act as a shopping service to help me bid on it? I can provide you a deposit immediately, as soon as you provide me your rates and feedback. I have PMs blocked, and can't for the life of me figure out where to go to unblock them, so please drop me a comment on the 'friends only' post in my LJ, it's screened.

b) I noticed that on MBOK, searching the brand name in katakana rather than the English name usually returns a lot more hits. For example, searching up 'Baby the stars' yielded about 7 pages, while typing ベイビーザスターズシャインブライト gave about 31 pages of relevant items! Alternatively, this can be done by clicking on any Baby item, and then search for how the item was categorized (it'll look like ブランド⇒へ⇒ベイビーザスターズシャインブライト⇒ワンピース - Brand->Baby the Stars Shine Bright->One-piece). It was the same when I was searching for Jesus Diamante dresses.

This doesn't seem to be the case with YJA though, so maybe we should come up with a comprehensive list of links/search terms to make shopping on Mbok easier? :D

Angelic Pretty Paris Blog

Not sure if this has been posted...tried searching for it. I was just looking for AP ad scans and ran across this:

Is there an AP store in Paris? I thought there was just Baby and I can't read french to tell if its for a store or just some girl posting purchases, but either way, I thought it was interesting. And really nice since the photos are super nice quality unlike APs Japanese store blogs. Plus it has tags in English =)


I think this question has come up before but I'm not quite sure what to search under or the question that was posted back then so I guess I'll just go ahead with my question...!

So I'm interested in this dress from H.NAOTO FRILL and the picture is still on the site, but it's marked as "Sold Out", now I don't exactly take H.Naoto as the type of person to re-stock clothes that've been sold out but is it a possibility that the dress might be restocked? or, like with western sites, if the item is sold out online it may still be avalible in the store?? Or should I just let it go and hope for something as amazing to come along soon?

New Lolita Blog!!!!

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen~

I'm an everday Lolita and over the last two years I have gained a strange insight about living Lolita while on a budget.

The following is the link to my new blog 'Sweet and Simple'. I'll be talking about Living Lolita without breaking your bank. I'll also be talking about new fashions and various other Lolita related topics.

Cheers to the blog 'Lolita Charm' for giving me the courage to start this new project.

(to anyone reading this that has a skirt commission with me, I sent them out today. Look for them)
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Bodyline Booth at Local Mall

Hello all! I will be posting this in the EGL and la_loligoth communities.
Anyway, I have a question:

I really want to open up a booth selling lolita clothing and accessories at my local mall (I live in Torrance, the mall would be Del Amo). It looks like they let you rent a small space. I still have to talk to mall management about this. Unfortunately, all I can really afford to sell right now is Bodyline clothing and some handmade stuff. I know there are some lolitas who are against Bodyline and only prefer brand so I wanted to ask this community what you guys think about this. I'd probably be selling the clothes and accessories for twice as much or a little bit lower than the price they have on the Bodyline site (for instance if it says the dress is $33, I'd sell it for $60-66). From what I understand, it's still less than what you have to pay if you bought it yourself (because of shipping). What types of things would you like to see? More sweet? More gothic? More accessories? Etc.

I do have a friend who might have some AP stuff to sell but I don't think it's much. I have to ask her.

What do you guys think? Should I go for it? Other than making a little money, I'd like to spread the word about the lolita fashion. I'm hoping people will become more accepting once they see that people do actually buy and sell lolita. Do you think this might cause lolita "posers" to appear? And how do you feel about that?

Also, if you live in LA, would you come to Torrance to check it out?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and answer my questions!
Blackstoneblues ♥

PS. It will probably be cash only as I can't set up a credit card machine at the booth (nor do I have one). How will this affect you coming?

Thank you for answering all my questions! You guys were really helpful. I can see that the booth isn't going to work out (it was really just a whim anyway) but I know what I want to do now.

Thanks for all the help!

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Photos of Forever 21's "Grandeur Bow" worn?

There was a big fuss over that giant bow Forever 21 is selling awhile ago, and I was wondering if anyone has any photos of it worn. I'd like to know how ridiculously big (and cute) it looks on, because frankly, if it's not ridiculously huge, I'm not paying $6 for shipping. XD I want head-eating!!!

There's no Forever 21 by me, unfortunately, so I can't look at it or try it on in person, and I'm really tired of buying things online that end up looking awful.
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Hello Kitty Macaron Series

I went to our mall's Sanrio store today (and after promptly freaking out that they built one), saw they had a variety of lolita themed goods.
Not just normal Hello Kitty stuff mind you. Yes, there were the blue patterned plates with HK in a blue sundress, surrounded by sparkles, lace and polka-dots... And yes there were My Melody bags with strawberries and pink gingham.
But the most surprisng thing was: THE MACARON ACCESSORIES!!!

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