August 11th, 2009

AP Ad Photo Request

Hello egl!
I wondered if any of you had old and new ads of Angeilc Pretty's! I'd like to print some of them out on photo paper since I'm redecorating my room. I thought it would be adorable to put them in frames. ^-^

So show me your ads! :D lol Old or new are great!

Black Peace Now Pre-Launch Party Photos & Report

Posting this here for the curious as I don't think anyone has shared any photos or details from the Black Peace Now + Hakuei pre-launch party this past Sunday. My report on my Lolita blog:

( Fake-y cut is Fake )

Also, there are some smallish pictures from the party on Hakuei's blog. He blogs a lot apparently, so you're probably going to have to go several pages back to find the pics.

Brolita reporting in

Well reporting in, hope you don't mind my attempt at shiro lolita. The dress and socks are not brand and neither are the shoes. ;;

I think I'm going to have to pick up EGA/Dandy because I'm too lazy to dress completely when it comes to the dress OTL

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confused rori

I check this lj a lot. And I wonder...where is the "gothic" part of "elegant gothic lolita"? Becuase many of the posts here are what I would consider sweet. So does gothic mean something different in the loli community than it does to everyone else in the world (in the same way that "lolita" does)?
  • danyata

Sweet Lolita

Hello egl community,

I was just wanting some advice please. I've been into lolita for a couple of years now but I've never had the guts to branch out of the black and white EGL side of things (it suits me, hee). A friend of mine thought I'd really suit the sweet lolita style but I am not so sure.

I do not really consider myself 'cute' enough to wear it although I find it very pretty.

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With all this in mind ... where's a nice internationally shipping online store that sells some good quality sweet lolita bits and pieces? :D
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Alice Fururun and Alice & the Pirates?

 Hello ladies,

I'm having trouble finding the AatP items on Alice Fururun. It seems that on the left bar, there is no AatP category. I figured the items would be under BABY just like Closet Child, however I could not find any AatP there and I know there should be some. I know it's stupid, but can anybody help me figure out how I can find the AatP items list?

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Question about Bodyline Blouse?

I have a question about this blouse:
im not sure about the quality, as i have another blouse from bodyline, and it is horrible >.< so I just wanted to make sure this blouse is ''good'' quality. Like, if anyone has bought this blouse, is it good? if not, are there other blouses that Bodyline has that people have that are good?

Mall of America Lolita

I'm from Wisconsin but I was at the Mall of America today to wrap up a trip to Minnesota to visit the U of M campus and I saw a Lolita walking around, I was too shy to say hi since I was in normal clothes and didn't want to be like "OMG I R LOLITA 2!!1!" But... if it was you, Hi! and... I liked your bustle skirt. And thanks for giving me someone to point to my parents and say "See, I'm not the only one!" so they think I'm slightly less crazy.


Rotterdam Lolitas?

Hi everyone, thanks for the advice yesterday, saving up for some stuff off Anna House, will post pictures when I have enough.

Now I was wondering if there are any lolis in Rotterdam. I'm going there with my girl guides in about a week, and even though I haven't got anything lolita (they wouldn't let me anyway "T-shirts and jeans preffered. No dresses or skirts." :O) it would be nice to see some lolitas from The Netherlands.

And btw, what language do you speak there? I need to buy a dictionary ><

Purikura anyone? (Before/After the BABY Opening)

Just an idea ^_^

Would anyone like to meet-up and do some purikura on the day of the BABY Opening?

I am planning to be at NEW PEOPLE around 9am. Is there a place that is open around that time?
 It's sounds like a lot of fun! (Just to have a little memory of the event) 



I was thinking of going the the Kintetsu Mall. 
Here's the address:

1737 Post St
(between Buchanan St & Webster St) 
San FranciscoCA 94115

A place for me?


I have been building the courage to ask, and debated the relevance of the question, but here goes anyway.

I'm a 44-year-old man, happily married 22 years, 2 teen children, and i sew my own dresses. Yeah...My dresses.

I wonder how the lolis feel about that, and if was to show up at a meet-up would that be waaaay to creepy. I feel a little creepy even asking, and apologize for being so forward.  I feel my reluctance is more related to differance in age then of gender, but both together really add up.

Please disregard any concern for my feelings, and speak freely. I feel really badly when i make people uncomfortable and would prefer honesty beforehand to being politely shunned in person.
I have included a link to a picture of me, From a Portland Maine meetup with non- Loli friends. I live closer to Boston MA. This dress was a recon from 2 bridesmaid dresses, and is all hand sewn.

Thank you,

Some boys would like to be pretty, but are'nt. Some girls arent pretty either, but at least they are allowed to try.