August 10th, 2009

Lolita and Elegance

i was reading lolita secrets today and i came across some that said about elegance and that the name of the community should be changed (as there is no elegance any more as they say) and other stuff like this. I also read  about sweet loli and deco loli not being elegant and this got me thinking. Do you think these styles are elegant at all?? Is the elegance keep disappearing from sweet  lolita through the years??

(i am sorry if there are any mistakes.
English is not my native language

It may have been asked before, but I have some questions about lolita models?

 I've seen Caucasian models on lolita brands such as Innocent World, or Juliete et Justine or Victorian Maiden and even Bodyline. I was wondering, were there any online contests that you could send pictures and accept you, (I heard they did something like that on Bodyline) or they were living in Japan and the found a way?

I think it would be awesome to model for some japanese brand--I'd really like it. But if anyone knows anything, I'd like to hear!

Rococo Style Dresses Question

Hi! This is my first time posting here so if I do something wrong, please alert me or just feel free to delete this post :)

So, I was wondering if any one knows what site sells mostly Rococo/hime dresses. I checked the search engine, google, and the memories but it just said things about "Sweet Rococo" the store that sells custom dresses. That really wasn't what I was looking for. Pictures would be nice. Thanks girls!

P.S. Should this be under a cut?
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Where do you girls buy the material for the Deco?

Recently been seeing a lot of girls making those cute cakes, donuts, cookies, lolipops, ice cream and so on and I'm so jealous =(. Where do you find the clays, molds or guides for them? Any online based site selling them? Any of you girls are selling just the charms? Oh yeah, I'm looking for the thing that you girl use it for the "creme" part too D=

Million of thanks for you all whom replied with awesome information! <3 <3

What Would Emma Think?

I've been following EGL for a few months now, and I contribute here and there as I wish. But today I have a simple, hypothetical question for you all, one I have yet to see raised: what do you imagine young women and girls of the Victorian Era would think of lolita fashion? Do you think they'd like it? Dislike it? Find it appalling or immoral? Find it dazzling? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
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Shiro Loli

Sock Question

Since In The Starlight is no longer making custom socks (Leah told me upon question that the manufacturer she gets the socks bases from no longer sells them) I was wondering, which brand (or off-brand) has the largest socks? I have GIGANTIC 18 inch calves full of pure muscle, and when I recently got bought some large size ruffle off brand socks, they were way too small. So I was wondering, are they're any particular brands (or off-brands) whose socks are on the larger side? Or am I out of luck?

EDIT: By "socks", I'm reffering to the classic knee socks with lace and/or ruffles, in one solid color (pref. black), not that pattern stuff. I'm not a pattern person.
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Monthly theme: Deco box

Well since I'm pretty much jobless this summer holiday I turned to 'crafting' like decorating little hats and starting to figure out how to make clay sweets, making fake cakes and cupcakes, etc.
Since this month's theme is deco, I thought I'd share what I made even though they're all beginner's stuffs

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where do dresses go to die?

With some exceptions, of course...
have you ever noticed that after a print or line has been around for a couple years, you just never see it for sale anymore on auctions or what-have-you?

Why do you think that is? Is it everyone who has it, wants to keep theirs forever,... or at some point does the garment end up at Salvation Army...? or does it just get too used?
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Crowns and gothicy stuff.

 Sorry, this isn't exactly on-topic with the whole deco theme-of-the-month.
Anyways, I remember a while back [last christmas?] there was a post on crowns and gothic jewelry. I was wondering if anyone had links to any of those? Hopefully ones that ship to the US, but Japanese ones as well.
Any links to Vivienne Westwood replicas too?
Thanks guys!

Art post! And stuff on the ATCs.

As far as the ATC's go, the date to send them in by will be September 10th. I will go through the post and PM everybody my address, because I don't want to outright post it. It might take a bit of time though, because recently I've caught an awful virus that crashes my comp whenever I open a new tab. XD But never you fear! Thar be plenty o' time.

Aaaaaaandddddddd, a belated theme post, for berries. It's an art post, and I know most of you don't like them, but I figured it was relevant. XD

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Halloween and Lolita?

Hello egl!
Seeing a few posts about Halloween related things on here made me think of how close Halloween really is! It's probably my favorite holiday next to Easter and Christmas. ^-^ I was thinking of what kind of costume I would want to wear when I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun just to wear lolita and do something with my friends instead!?" But I also started thinking, "What if people start thinking my outfit is a costume?"
So my question is:
Have any of you worn lolita on Halloween? If so, what were people's reactions to your outfit? Did you tell them you wear it normally? Did you find a way to make your outfit more "Halloweenish"?
Pictures are welcome as well! :D

Does Sweet Rococo ship overseas?

Hey guys. I'm a new member, just joined today, but I've known about Lolita fashion for about six or seven months.  I've decided to go all out and buy some loli clothes. Sweet Rococo does them cheap and with high quality fabric. (or at least that's what my cousin told me.) I was wondering if they ship overseas to the UK? And what do you think of them?

(I'm still working out all the lj stuff, sorry if I needed to put this under a cut ^_^')
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One last call!

 Anime Iowa 2009 Aug. 14-16
    Hi again, I'm still wondering how many of you lovely ladies will be at Anime Iowa this year? Since I only got one response to my last post, I thought I'd ask one more time.
   For those of you going this year, I'll be hosting a Loli/EGA meet up on Saturday, noon to 1pm in Programming 4 /Oakdale 1. It will be a chance to meet other lolis and aristocrats and take pictures together. Don't forget to bring your old loli stuff to swap with others! I'll provide ice tea, butter cookies and candy orange slices. If you would like to contribute other snacks as well, you are more than welcome! ^_^

   I'd also like to encourage you all to go to Y-Chan's Frills and Lace (Sunday, 10:30am, programming 4/Oakdale 1) and Japanese Street Fashion 101 (Sunday, Noon, programming 4/Oakdale 1)!

Hope to see you there! <3

AP strawberry

Discussion time

So a thought just appeared in my head. XD What other fashions or costuming do my fellow lolitas participate in when not in lolita.

Personally, I'v done a bit of anime cosplay. Right now I'm working on some steampunk stuff and joining the 501st and I'm seriously considering doing some old school GI Joe Cobra costuming.

So, what about you all?
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