August 9th, 2009

Dream Lolita rooms

I'm curious if some of you have collected pictures or links of your dream lolita-esque rooms? Like perhaps a lovely rococo-style room? (or a really elegant gothic room, or a cute pink room, etc...)
I'm not looking to see your own room, but instead, what you would do if you could have any room you'd like.

Please show me! <3
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The trouble with socks.

Where can I find reasonable lace-topped knee high socks?! DDD:

I am having an incredibly difficult time trying to track down some decent lolita socks. I'm one of those people who thinks spending $30+ on a pair of plain socks is rather crazy, plus, I'm just a lowly college student. I can't throw so much money on a pair of socks. So I've been looking into a few offbrand stores. Bodyline's socks are reasonable, but the $25 shipping fee for a single pair kinda negates the low price. I've looked at Ling Lam's socks too, but the lace looks iffy. I'm no lace expert, but I'm guessing it's of the super craptastic variety.

I've never seen anyone taking commissions for socks, and I'm only seeing two extremes - overpriced brand socks and cheap crappy offbrand socks. Even secondhand brand socks seem to cost around $30 in the sales community...

I never thought finding socks would be so hard. Help?

EDIT: I just realized I should make one thing clear - I can not make sock toppers myself. I can't sew at all, and even a simple sock topper would be beyond me. Truly. XD
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Question about ordering from Marui-One

*puts hand up* I have a question~ (^^)
It's my birthday in 2 months time, and I'm wanting to buy Memorial Cake. I've decided to buy it from Marui-One, ( becuase they ship to the U.K and it's much cheaper.
But, I've never ordered from there before, and I just wanted to know if anybody else has bought an item of clothing/dress/whatever from there, and I just wanted to know:
Is it reliable?
Did the dress/clothing arrive in good shape?
How long would I expect for my dress to arrive?
Did any problems occur?
~Any other valuable information you may have~

Thankyou for your time~
I'd really like to get some answers, seeing as I'm a bit nervous --but I really want this dress!
Thankyou in advance for anyone who gives answers~

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Lolita writers?

I was noodling around pointlessly on the computer yesteray when I got to thinking: where are all the lolita writers? We all know the many and gifted artists on here, but I've only stumbled across one loli story, and I really enjoyed it. It was called Talking To Bugs, but what I found of it in the EGL memories left it hanging at around ch. 11 or 12, if I remember correctly. Does anyone know of any good lolita online writers or stories? If so, please feel free to talk about 'em ^-^
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Showing your shoulders: A yes or a no-no? What do you think?

After reading the post the other day about lolitas smoking, I've been wondering:  How do you all feel about showing your shoulders while dressed in lolita or ega.  Because its summer, when I dress as an egl, I occasionally wear my jumper or an over-bust corset without a blouse underneath.  This seems to be against the modesty "rules" of the lolita style, but Victorian ladies definitely did bear their shoulders and sometimes (I dare say) their breasts.  I don't think its immodest, but how do you all feel? Is it ok for an egl or ega to bear her shoulders in the summer?
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(no subject) was supposed to re-open to international shipping on Friday. Their English site isn't back up, and I can't figure out how to order.

Does anyone know how?

Where does one possibly begin?

I've decided that I want to be lolita. My problem is that..... there is SO MUCH that goes into it! @.@ Dresses, skirts, accessories, purses, socks, shoes, petty coats (whatever those are), headdresses..... the list just seems endless of all the things a lolita needs. It's overwhelming. So I suppose my question is; where should I begin? What's the first step I should be taking? Who amoung you is willing to help an aspiring lolita out? :)

Many Thanks.

p.s. Thanks for all the comments so far! But I guess I should add this before anyone else comments, I want to be sweet lolita. So no worries, I've gotten at least that part out of the way on my own. ;P
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Lolita baby names!

It's about time that we had these kinds of discussions :D
I'm not sure if this has been posted before..the search function didn't work..

So, what do you think would be great lolita-ish names to name your kids? Not just girl names, boy names too!
What names come into your head?

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Innocente Seraphim 2009: BtSSB and more

Yesterday I attended Innocente Seraphim, which was tons of fun. I took a lot of pics of the BtSSB fashion show (though unfortunately most of them didn't turn out, since it was quite dark in there...too bad, I'd have loved to post pics of every outfit!), as well as other random things. It was so nice to meet everyone, and it was really great to see the fashion show; even after that, I somehow managed to restrain myself and only bought a cutsew & some socks at the Baby shop.

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