August 8th, 2009

Memorial cake question

Heya hiya gals. This question is directed to owners of AP's memorial cake who have other AP dresses.
How does the length compare with other prints including rose toilette, wonder party, or puppet circus? It looks like it's a bit shorter but I don't know for sure. I don't recall the exact measurements of those other dresses otherwise I would do it myself.
Any help appreciated. Thanks very much :)

EDIT- Answered. (Guess I'll keep this up here for the memories' sake)



Discussion Question

I was just wondering about etiquette. What do you consider to be the 'rules' of the egl and egl_comm_sales? Things like who to sell to, who should be first in line for an item, ect.

This question popped into my head the other day. I sold someone something on the sales comm. When she received it I asked her to leave me feedback, but she never did. I don't know if she just forgot or if she couldn't be bothered. I could really use the feedback because it would help me seem like a more legit seller, but I don't want to be a pain in the ass and keep bugging her about it. You see the dilema. This is just one example of something that's happened. I'd love to hear examples and how you dealt with them and such.

So the question on the table is:

What do you need to do to be a polite seller/buyer?

A few questions! ^__^

I just have a few questions I was hoping that someone would be able to answer for me ^__^

1. On AP they say that their petties have a 'free waist' how big exactly does free waist go up to?

2. I found a place called lolitababyangel online I was wondering if anyone had bought from here, if so how was the item quality, service, etc.

3. I would love to buy a pair of shoes from bodyline but I am a little worried about buying shoes online I was wondering if anyone has them in a size 8 and would be willing to measure the width of them for me as I have wide feet and would like to know if they will actually fit me when I get them.

^__^ Hope to hear back soon. yamyams~

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Question about deco'd DS cases

This isn't really a lolita question, but I'm hoping it will be allowed in the spirit of the monthly theme? *fingers crossed*

Does having your DS encrusted in cream and candies ect make it awkward to play games that require the screen being turned to the side?
Seeing all these awesome cases makes me want to get one, but not if it means taking it off every time I want to play Rhythm Paraside, especially since from my experience that's when cases break.

Picture request for Victorian Maiden or Innocent World dress.

Hello everyone! I was wondering if you could help me track down some pics of a particular lolita dress. I believe it's either made by Innocent World or Victorian Maiden. It's a one piece with a bodice, puff sleeves, and the bottom of the skirt has piano keys on it. It's made of velvet I believe and I've only seen it in either a black or garnet/maroon color. Please and thanks!

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Smoking in Lolita?

I am a new loli (new as in all my clothes are still piles of fabric laying around. x.x), and I'd like to know the stance on smoking in lolita? I know it makes the clothes nearly unresellable, but as I'm making my own, screw it.

I was thinking, as a kurololi/classic lolita, do you think I could get away with it by getting one of those cigarette holders? Y'know, like Cruella De Ville? I was thinking it would look better than my usual menthol light a-hangin' out of my mouth.

And for those of you who are going to tell me to not smoke in lolita, I already know I will break down at some point. xD

ALSO, are there any Kentucky lolis on here? :D
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triple h

I need help with placing an order at Cyperous.

I'm trying to place an order at Cyperous, but I'm having trouble understanding what info I'm meant to put in to register since I don't live in Japan.

Usually, I would wait until they have the English part of the site full running again, but I don't know exactly when that will be and I'm in a situation where I would like do it now rather than later.

I'm asking to any people who placed orders with Cyperous the last time they had international shipping, what did they put in/what did the English instructions say? If you can remember, that is.

I've searched on google and on the comm search but only found old links that didn't work anymore. This is about all I can understand about what I'm meant to fill in.

Sorry for the trouble and thank you so much for any help! :D

cute overload; ♥

well, fast update is...

... fast.

Since I'm posting this and not replying to what I said on yesterday's Anna House update post:
- never noticed ITS stocked skirts with that fabric - it's been a while since I last checked
- thanks for that head's up!
- that black on cream does look like a little odd, but I'm too busy staring at kitties to mind. *__*

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