August 7th, 2009


Gloomth gothic lolita pieces?

*first post forgive me if I did something wrong!!!*

I was browsing the web and I came across an interesting site selling gothic lolita pieces at
I had been the site in the past and I know they just started doing this recently, with that said I found a couple of cute pieces the rest were......... dubious XD

I like this top
And this dress * it is really plain but i think its better to be safe*
And also this dress

Although I think the prices should be lower :)

So what do you other lolitas think? Do you like them? Are they nice or acceptable or ugly?

(you might have already guessed but I am an amateur, Ive been in love with EGL for a long time but never actually worn or owned any pieces and I"m working on getting my first outfit!!!)

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Bodyline Shipping Fee Error?

When I add the new bag item 095 (w/o the dots) in my cart, I added a red one and a pink one to my cart to which there is no shipping fee showing up.. But when I add something else to the cart the fee shows up and when I remove it, the fee goes away... If I checked out now, would I not get charged for shipping?   Do you think if in fact it turns out to be an error would they send me an extra invoice for the shipping? 

At first I was like all right! They extended the free shipping to US but :( when I put the other stuff in my cart the shipping showed up.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of any places in Toronto that sell items which are either loli by themselves, or could easily be modified into a more loli-like look?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A word of Advice!

Hello, I've never posted here so if this is too long and should be under a cut let me know.

WARNING: Do not, I repeat DO NOT leave your Montreal RHS in your car on a hot day! They melt... seriously. T___T The glue on both shoes "melted" and I was left with a rubber piece (the bottom part of the sole) a foam sole and a leather shoe. I've managed to glue them back together, and I'm sorry I didn't get a picture but I was so upset I was only really thinking about fixing them. So there you have it- don't leave shoes in the car- EVER. D:
Daniel x xxx
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Moitie shoe questions

This is just a general question really, I've been out of the loop for about 18 months, and as I'm getting back into everything I wanted to update my product knowledge.. which is generally okay now, except on Moi meme Moitie shoes.. did they release more designs? I know they're impossible to get hold of, but I saw a picture of lace-up pumps.. what shoes ARE around, then?

Thank you!
Tara xoxo
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I checked the memories, but I couldn't find anything regarding blogs. I was wondering if everyone can post links to all the brand's blogs? Sorry if this has been asked a million times, or if this is in appropriate.

Most interesting, off the wall, random thing you have done in lolita.

My parents are currently putting in a sidewalk and patio area in the backyard of their house and have rented a backhoe in order to do it. So my father wanted to use this opportunity to teach me to use this large piece of machinery and pretty much gave me a now or never ultimatum. As I was dressed in lolita, this lesson was quite amusing.

Anyway, this led me to wonder what is the most interesting, off the wall, or random thing you have done in lolita?
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San Francisco Baby Store Opening

I know it's been mentioned in various contexts a few times, but has anyone done an actual head count for how many people are going to attending the Baby store opening in SF? I know most of the locals are going to be there, but I've heard that a lot of girls are road tripping it, or even flying in! Personally, I'm excited to meet lolis from all over the US. :D

So, ladies and gentlemen, now that it's just about one week away...who's going?

BTSSB & BPN U.S. stores to carry bigger sizes

Like you guys need another post about this =P Not a question tho' I bring new information!

I just came across this San Francisco Chronicle article that states the BABY, The Stars Shine Bright and Black Peace Now stores will carry larger western sizes.

No clue as to whether they will carry normal Japanese sizes as well. I personally hope they will carry both.

I had figured that BTSSB would carry a bigger size which they've been working on developing for a while but the BPN information is new - although probably a good move, especially for their line of Men's clothing.
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AP release question and Deco case photo

I don't keep up with AP so please excuse these stupid questions. When will Melty Chocolate be released? I mean the dresses and skirts. (Some accessoires were already released online?)

I think I read that some of them were available on the English AP site. Does it mean they were already released or were they some kind of reservation?

The reason why I am asking this is because I'm on the waitlist and have to wait if some people decide not to get their things after all. > _ <

And a photo of my deco DS-case under the cut to make this post a little more interesting.

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John Green, nerdfighter

Would you say yes?

While I was watching the Lolita on What Not To Wear tonight I started wondering, if you were approached by the show would you say yes or no?

I would say no, lolita for me, is more then just clothes. Everytime I put on a loita dress I feel like dancing, it makes me happier then anything else. Nothing is worth giving up that feeling.