August 6th, 2009

August Deco

I'm not allowed to do much Loli stuff at work. Cute or frilly is normally out of the question. Safety rules dictate what can and cant be worn, and in some cases what must be worn.  Still, where there is a will(and sharpies), theres a way.

Safety First, cuteness a close second.

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It was only recently that I found myself able to afford lolita clothing, I've loved the style for years, but lacked the funds to support it. Even though I was able to afford a few dresses I can't really get much more. So here's my question to everyone, after seeing your closets, how are you able to afford so many things? Is it just a matter of purchasing over time? Or does everyone have thousands of dollars at their disposal (hahahaha)? Is there really much point in getting into the fashion if i can barely afford it?

Also what brands would you recommend to me? So far I've purchased a dress from Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene, and chocochip cookie. As well as shoes and socks from places like bodyline and ebay (montreal shoes), I love Vivianne Westwood, Audry Hepburn, the 20's and 30's fashions and NANA (elegant punk?) so that begins to give you an Idea of my taste.
I adore AP and BTSSB but I would never wear most of their pieces.