August 5th, 2009

Outfit posts, Daily_Lolita, and EGL

I've seen some lovely outfit posts on here ( usually taken in a garden or a similar ascetically pleasing background), and the OP has been told that her post is better suited for daily_lolita. I miss the photo posts that we used to get on here. My question is how do you feel about outfit posts on egl? Do you think they are better suited for daily_lolita, or do you not mind them being posted here as well?

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I'm starting to become a little worried about my order with metamorphose. Friday before last, my bf ordered a skirt for me in the afternoon. Earlier that same day I ordered a petticoat, some socks, and hair accessories. The skirt arrived last Friday, and the things I ordered have yet to arrive.

I paid in full by paypal. I never get a confirmation mail from metamorphose, aside from the automated one. I tried email Meta the other day, and they have yet to reply.

I'm getting worried. =(

Edit: Arrived today!

stores in milan?

next week i'm going to visit my sister in italy ^^ and i was wondering - are there any stores in milan with lolita items, loliable items, anything that would go with classic lolita? i also love cute but toned down things and elegant clothes, not necessarily lolita ^^

i know this was asked some time ago but there weren't many answers and the entry is over a year old already, so maybe something changed?

thank you ^^