August 3rd, 2009

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Baby The Stars Shine Bright Tea Party in SF

Sunday, August 16th, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

NEW PEOPLE and BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT are pleased to announce the co-hosting of a special summer tea soirée, celebrating the grand opening of BABY’s U.S. flagship store at NEW PEOPLE and welcoming BABY’s model and muse Ms.Misako Aoki and chief designer Ms.Kumiko Uehara!

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JSK length? (Checked the memories, one quickie question!)

Hi everybody. I checked the memories,and saw that the average JSK length is 36 inches (90 cm). I am 5 foot 6 and I want the dress to hit right below the knees, for some reason I am having difficulty determining if the JSK I'm about to order will be long enough. So does anyone else who is 5 foot 6 have a JSK this length, and where does it hit? Should be a simple math question, but I am confused. Photos very welcome!! Thanks! And have a sweet afternoon XD
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Colorful Paris Windows

Metro_Lolitas a New Washington D.C. Lolita Community

So almost a year ago, I created a community for the MD/VA/DC Metro Area Lolitas. And I never made any movements to really start it up and get people posting. I never tried to get the word out or anything. But now I'd like to get the word out!! ^_^

I'd love for everyone to checkout metro_lolitas

It's pretty much a welcoming community for any posts from questions, to sales, to intros, and meet ups. Anything you'd like that's relative to the area and anyone near it. ^_^ Personally I don't live in DC, I live in Maryland, just outside of DC very close to the Red Line's Shady Grove metro station.

Thank you very much ladies, and I hope you enjoy my new community.

-Casie fishiesg0pook 

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loligoth dbs

So I was wondering when the loligoth dbs will be back online? i know the mods are working to make it more user friendly, but it's been a few days already and I'm anxious to know when it will be back online.
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