August 2nd, 2009

noob question about ordering Parasol from BabySSB

This is on the BabySSB site on the parasol section


heres the translation I got
- Note * when umbrella is ordered
Please refrain from the order that unifies the umbrella and other goods for the convenience of packing.

. the translation I got is quite confusing does this mean you cant buy parasols on their own or that you should order parasols on their own?

traditional outfits- an inspiration

To buy lolita clothing, you have to order from oversea, yeah this is what a lot of people think!
I realized that in Austria, I just have to go a few steps and find the loveliest outfits for lolita, which are mixed with Austrian traditional costumes (called: dirndl)
I wanna share with you my finds. I hope you appreciate these outfits as much as I do!

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What does everyone think of older lolitas or older women who love the fashion? Is there an age restriction as I seen the clothes to be of that of the style of young girls? Are older women frown upon when dressed in lolita clothes? 
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Changes : New Layout & Art!

Hey everyone, just wanted to note a few changes for those interested~

We have changed the layout for EGL and EGL_Comm_Sales! I've changed a lot of things around, and added some, so hopefully the main page of the community will be a bit more newbie friendly!

In the main community, I've added a list of 'important' links to the sidebar, as well as a quick link section to the memories.

For the sales community, I've again added a list of links, specifically geared towards buying and selling. Even if you've been a member of the community for a while, I still suggest taking a quick look over them, as there is some great information to be found!

If you guys have any suggestions for additional links, please let me know and we'll consider them.

With the rollout of the new layout, we have new art! Many thanks to cassu_bean for contributing her artwork this month~ Go check out her website and DeviantArt!

For those interested in contributing art for EGL's banner, please keep an eye out for my next post!

This month's theme will be announced later today, so please keep an eye out ^__~
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Steampunk Lolita?

So... what's the deal with Steampunk Lolita?

Is it an actual style? Or a theme? Or perhaps neither?

It's not mentioned in the handbook, or (as far as I know) in the Bible.

Is it really Lolita? I mean, it has it's own community... ([info]steampunklolita)

Will it become official once a major brand starts producing it, like when Baby The Stars Shine Bright made Pirate Lolita popular/official/acceptable through their Alice and the Pirates line?

Basically, what's the consensus on Steampunk Lolita? Or at least, what do you personally think about it?

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Piano/Music print lolita

 My school's fashion show is coming up and the theme is black tie/piano, So I have decided to wear a black and white piano /music print JSK with white blouse. 
But, I need reference pictures. I was wondering if anyone could help me, I have been looking all over the place, but cannot find anything. 
Please and thank you
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Hello girls, it's just a quick question since I'm on a rush.

Does anyone have a good (and clear enough for a sewing beginner to understand) wristcuffs / sock-toppers tutorial? 
I've been wanting to make some, but I've found all the few tutorials out there to be a bit too hard for me to understand. I'm not experienced in sewing.
May you share your ways to make wristcuffs or sock-toppers here?
Thank you very much ♥
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BtSSB parasol question

not too long ago there was a post about purchasing parasols through Baby and that they prefer not to have you order anything else with them. (sorry if that sounds really confusing. ^^;;)

my question is: can you order other things at the same time and pay only one shipping fee?

i plan to order an OP,  headbow, one pair of socks, and two parasols. will i have to pay separate shipping on each parasol and then the clothing? :/

thank you girls!

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In a few days my bf is ordering me a dress from BtSSB (it's technically a Christmas present...we always tell eachother what we want, because neither of us is very good at thinking of what to get for the other) I know how to order from them and all that, but I was wondering, how long to they typically take to respond to email orders? Is it quicker to just go through the shopping cart? Of course, even with the guide in the memories for ordering through the cart, I imagine It will be way too difficult for us to figure out...

Anyway, according to a quick search Baby was taking a month to respond to emails in '06. Is this still true?
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