July 31st, 2009

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Question about a certain website

I was looking for a website which had the author trying to answer the letters sent to them (It mostly told about lolitas being attacked (physically, one of the letters told how her boyfriend was attacked or something)/made fun of/discriminated etc. by others or their parents)

And there was some touching counterattack:  "We actually put a lot of thought in these clothes..."
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We hear about bad sellers but what about bad buyers?

So a question for everyone...when is it appropriate to report someone into the loligoth database as a bad buyer. We've seen a lot of posts and different reasons for someone getting negative feedback as a seller but what about as a buyer?

The only situation I can think of is on a direct auction, when the winning bidder doesn't pay the invoice.

If you are a seller who has been in a situation where you have left negative feedback for a buyer, can you share your story?

Thank you!

Photo Request: Warm Weather Lolita

I am starting to plan what to wear while I am on my anniversary trip to San Fransisco with my husband. I would love to wear Lolita everyday.  Can you please post some of your warm and hot weather outfits, so I can get some ideas for my wardrobe? I will be doing a lot of walking.

What I'm looking for specifically... socks, shoes, JSKs with or without blouses, skirts with or without petticoats...  I just need some ideas.

Thank you!! HUGS!
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A while back some people posted about the adorable Victorian Maiden ripoff (?) Alice in Wonderland bunny bag that would be coming out for Halloween 2009. I signed up for email notification of its availability, and when I got the email earlier this week, I ordered right away. It came today! So fast! So now I will show off the bunny bag in person and do a mini mini review for anyone who might be interested in the bunny.

The image on the website.

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Question about Baby shoes

Hello ladies!

I have a question regarding Baby's shoes, I was wondering if their sizes are accurate, since I have a friend who wants to buy a pair of shoes and she is a size 8 without socks.

This is the model she wants to buy:  http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/shoes/133977/133977-w.jpg
And what we would like to know is if it would be a good idea to buy an L size or an LL size

Does anyone have this model? Can you please tell me how the sizes are?

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