July 30th, 2009


Cyperous wigs bring international shipping back on August 7th

For those of you who have been wanting to order a wig from Cyperous but couldn't because they no longer do international shipping, I emailed them earlier today and this was their reply:

Dear ジュリア ポーター

It is cyperous.
Thank you for a contact.

Overseas shipment is possible on August 7. Please wait a little more.
If you have any questions about this order,
please email us at info@cyperous.com.

Sincerely yours

Kumiko Nishio

I hope this is good news to some of you, I know I'm really happy about it!
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Ugly Contest

Sometimes I think lolita can be taken too seriously. Let's solve this, forget those pretty photoshoots and click through those digital cameras and hunt out those rejects. Let's see the most unflattering pictures you got! The ones with your eyes half closed, mid-sneeze, awkard angle. The least elegant and the most ridiculous! Failed first attempts, blurry and incredibly embarassing are encourged.

Just remember, this is for laughs ONLY!

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La Dauphine Order Experience - Shop Closed?

Back in June, I tried to order a skirt from La Dauphine. The skirt never came and Victoria never responded to e-mails. Ultimately, I opened a PayPal claim, which was resolved in my favor after the seller failed to respond to any of the notifications and requests for information. 

At the time of the order and as of the time of the post, there is no notification that Victoria has closed the shop or gone on hiatus. Perhaps one of these is the case and is an open secret of which I was not aware (though lj seek of this community did not turn up anything), or perhaps my situation is unique and was simply an oversight (though that seems unlikely, in light of the lack of response to the e-mails from me and from PayPal). 

In any case, I just wanted to warn anyone else who had considered buying from the site. As I said, it may be widely known that Victoria is not mainataining the store, but so long as the site is up, anyone who has seen her featured in the Gothic Lolita Bible or otherwise stumbles on to the shop can still place an order.  The PayPal claims process is fair and reasonable, but I still would have preferred to not to waste my time. 

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a Lolita's most uttered sentence game

Given that there are a lot of reposts here at egl, even to the point of having the same question asked more than once on the front page I'm sure we're all aware of a Lolita's most frequently asked questions.
I figured why not make a small game out of it? In a reply to this post, write that you think a Lolita's most uttered sentence is. Whether from your own personal experiences or something just for the lulz.

I'll start us off:
- Your petticoat needs more 'poof!' (Or, 'you need a petticoat.') X3
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(no subject)

So I have this jsk that I bought. It's really freaking cute, and I love it, but I can't really wear it for two reasons--first off, it's an inch or two too small in the back (I can't quite zip it up all the way because of my giant doom ribcage), and I don't really have anything to coordinate it with. My colorscheme for the rest of the stuff I own (the whole four pieces or so ^^*) is dark, mostly black, and this jsk totally isn't. Collapse )

Second question, and the main reason I'm making this post.. Has anyone had any coordinates featuring jsks (or even OPs) where the dress totally doesn't match what you're coordinating with, and it still manages to work out really well? I mean, I know it would take some experimentation, I'm just curious what unexpected/mismatched-but-still-freaking-fabulous coordinates you guys have done?
dmr ahahhaha

Pinc Stuff

Hey people, 

This isn't a new site to me, but it might be for you. If your interested in sweet jewerly there is this lovely site  called pinc stuff.


Everything on the site is made by a canadian girl so shipping i can imagine is much chepaer for north america than ordeirng from japan.

just thought i'd keep ya posted!

thanks for looking!!
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Shopping for UK lolis

Its myself again. Today I hit my local shopping centre with the boyfriend and his dad in tow.
For under £50 I managed to find the following items in the sales. (I will post photos once back home!)
* a white high fastening blouse with ruffles round the neck £7 New Look
* a black and white gingham shirred top dress (JSK style) the shoulder straps are very narrow and I'm thinking of replacing them or wearing the dress without them showing as it stays in place well £7 New Look
* Clear plastic with black lace trim and polka dots umbrella £7 New Look (The boyfriend bouth this for me!)
* a blue and off white check/tartan-esque skirt with shirred wasit and button details £6 International
* Black over the knee socks with black lace and bow detail £3 International

There were other socks and hairbands in International which I didn't purchase.

Also Littlewoods currently have 2 "tutu" skirts. I think these would work very well as petties, instead of importing from Japan. They can be found here and here.

But to remind all UK lolitas this is a great time to be looking in stores for dresses, skirts and blouses as the summer sales are on! There are some wonderful skirts and dresses that can be made very loli with a very small about of work if any!

As stated I'll post photos once I'm back home and have the camera cable.
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July theme: Berries Craft Post

Hello, egl!
Since July's theme is berries, I did some crafting with the theme "berries" in my mind.
The result is a sweet, AP-inspired mini hat with lots of berries, whipped cream, and pearl decorations.

I posted the pictures on a separate page since there are quite a few images.
If you'd like to see my other works, just click on the button near the bottom that says "home" and this should lead you to my homepage.

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Thanks for reading~
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Living In a City Mode +8

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting the lovely lilac_ambience who took time off her holiday visit to model for me. I'm extremely happy with this shoot, considering I only had a weekend to plan it and a few hours to shoot.

As there are too many photographs, the rest of them have been submitted to the Daily Frill.

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