July 28th, 2009

purikuri with saya
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BABY cart back up..

This is just an FYI from me personally, not an official store announcement

I just noticed this morning when I checked the baby site that the shopping cart is back running.

The english cart is not running yet, but you can still make orders the old way.

BABY must have done a lot of house cleaning during the summer sale! A lot of the older products are off the site.

If there was an older product that you really wanted, it might be in the SF store... I don't know what they sent to SF... but you might want to try calling the store after it opens. You never know, you might be lucky : )
sweet loli

Casual AP Coords for School

About a couple weeks to a month ago, someone posted about if people wear casual lolita to school and for pics of said action, and someone else commented with a really cute picture of a girl wearing a Sugary Carnival skirt in a causal outfit. I want to see it again so I can do something like that but I didn't save it :x and the search function isn't helping me at all. Can anyone help me?

Also, I'd lovelovelovelove to see pics of any Miracle Candy pieces in a casual outfit ♥

Sorry to bring up something that's already been posted about, but I really want to find this picture. Thanks in advance for anyone's help ^^
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