July 27th, 2009

DHL and Customs

Hey everyone. I just got back from SDCC today to find a wonderful stack of bills waiting for me at home, including one from DHL telling me I now owe them a customs fee on something I recieved almost 3 months ago. Has this happened to anyone else? The shipment was from Bodyline that I ordered back in April, and when I recieved the package, they never said anything about a customs fee. Now they have sent me a bill saying I owe them not only for the customs fee, but for a fee that they payed customs (without my authorization) just to get my package to me. WTF! Any help?

DHL and Customs Amounts?

I've seen many posts about Bodyline, DHL, and after-the-fact customs invoices.   I am strongly considering making a Bodyline order and I figure those customs fees are just part of the game.  Where were your goodies shipped, how much was the (second) invoice for, and how much was your original order amount?

Also, when you have made a Bodyline order, have you attempted to request EMS shipping over DHL?

Thank you for the insight ladies!

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Enterprising Young Lolitas

Well, I figure now that I have my tickets firmly in hand, it's safe for me to make the official call for any and all lolitas who are going to the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas on either August 8 or August 9 (Saturday or Sunday). I'll be there decked out in my new Star Trek-themed lolita dress and would love to meet anyone else who is also attending the con.

Any takers? 

Otakon Lolita Fashion Show

Better late than never.  I took photos from the lolita fashion show at Otakon.  All the outfits that were displayed were Awesome!  Sorry some photos are blurry.

photos to outside link via myasianfashion.com

* Does anyone know the designer's stores/links? 
Thank you!