July 25th, 2009


All You Need is LOVE

Let's face it--there is a reason that people stereotype lolitas as catty and elitist. Everyone loses their cool at some point and rags on another person or thing because it is impossible to be sugary sweet 100% of the time. And who doesn't love to hate some of the crazy things brands put out once in a blue moon (or, in some brand's cases, at least once a season!). But no one actually likes being called names and we are all capable of being beautiful, gracious girls who just happen to have some really amazing clothes with a giant price tag.

So let's fight that ridiculous stereotype with a...

♥ Love Meme ♥

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First post: antique parasol to a gothic lolita one now with the complete set

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

in my first post I would like to present a recent work of mine.

I am an enthusiastic DIYer, yet I have never done something like this before. I was afraid that I could somehow ruin the poor parasol, since I love antique items and would never do them harm. (Although this does not stop me from restaurating a steamer trunk in steampunk style ^_^)
I am satisfied with the result and since I have sewn two of the coverings (see later), I only need to find another old parasol with ten arms.

I hope, you will enjoy the process shown and that to some it can be of help in making their own gothic lolita parasols.

How it began...

nanaberu asked me if I could turn her antique parasol into a lolita one, and I said yes. I mean what else could I have done? :)

The parasol belonged in the 1910's to a young lady working at the post office in Kaposvár, her name was ms. Juci Vörös. Sundays she would go on a walk in the city with it.

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My Closet

...which is small compared to some of the closets posted here before ^^ Due to my limited closet space, I can't keep a lot of lolita items at one time so I try to maintain a small but hopefully decent selection for any occasions, events, hurhur~ I don't really buy from a brand or brands exclusively either so my dresses and stuff are mostly eclectic although I do have a fondness of Meta, hee. But usually I just buy whatever is pretty and I feel looks good on me.

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Photo Request / Sock Find

First: I'm in need of (large an if possible) photos of the Chandelier logo that Angelic Pretty used, or any chandelier print. It needs to be a flat photo, I'm thinking about using it to make my own wall sticker similar to this one.

Second: I don't recall these being posted before. Look From London has some neat looking iron gate print tights and some cross print tights. Very cool, and in a variety of colors!
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Kinari Shoes?

Hi everyone! I have a full kinari/beigey/creme outfit that i am having trouble finding good matching shoes for... does anyone have suggestions?

The color is more yellowy than regular off-white, so even with three pairs of off-white shoes/boots, I have nothing that matches. .___.

This is probably a good example of the color, especially juxtaposed against the regular white: http://fairy-angel.com/?pid=13715199

Thank you!
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How has lolita changed your life?

After being inspired by the  "All You Need is Love" thread, I have a post idea to keep the positivity going!

Many girls in loli_secret  reveal how lolita has made them more confident, or love themselves more, and these shouldn't be secrets! These are things you should be proud of! Because most loli have gained much positivity, friends, and self esteem from this fashion.

So I ask, How has lolita changed your life?

Your beliefs?
How you present yourslef?
How you act?
Who you hang out with?
Your manners?
Your fashion sense?
Your sexual orientation?


For me, lolita regained my interest in fashion. I care a lot more about myself now. I used to hate anything frilly, or with bows (I would cut them off cloting I used to buy). But now I love lace and ruffles!  I love how wearing lolita has regained my love for most colors to (I also used to hate pink, navy, brown, and ivory) and reaffirmed my love of knee-socks.


Adorable accessories

Apologise if it's been brought up before, but I happened upon a lovely shop in Soho, London today.


Selling a lovely variety of acrylic jewellery and accessories.

Seems like if you have a crazy AP outfit or the like you'll pretty much find anything to go with it.

Though admittedly some is a little pricy considering what it is, there are some relatively reasonable items. I think the Soho store has a little more in stock than what's on the website, or at least I saw a few things in there that weren't online. Perhaps they were end of line, I'm not sure.

...And the mascot girl is pretty close to being a lolita too, it's very cute.