July 23rd, 2009

Help! I'm new to lolita & a mess!

I've wanted to get into lolita since I was 15 years old, and stalked websites to drool over all of the things I couldn't afford to have. Now, I'm finally ready to embark upon it, one piece at a time, and I'm at a loss. Sweet Lolita has interested me since I started looking into the whole look, back before the wild prints, when gothic lolita was the biggest thing. I still hold a fondness for the look, but I'm not sure if it's what I should go with anymore. I love a mix of lolita styles now, and I need something that doesn't scream "costume" the way some sweet dresses do now. I'm a full-time college student, but I'm also a full-time employee to a pharmacy chain. Does anyone have any websites they can recommend, or style solutions for me? Forgive me for sounding naive or foolish. Lolita is just a look that I've always wanted to embrace --- but now find myself a bit intimidated by. I don't want to overtake my 5'1 frame with bows, or images of pie.

I've been considering embracing classic, since the dresses Mary Magdalene has take my breathe away, and seem less like a cotton candy-style assault on the eyes.

Like I said, I'm a mess. Be kind in your advice?

would this make the cut for a lolita brand name?

i was just wondering if the name "sweet time machine" would be a good lolita brand name? (in english and in japanese) of course, i am not trying to compare the name to Angelic Pretty, Baby the stars shine bright or anything. i asked in yahoo answers, but i thought i might get more responses this way.

edit: yes i understand what you mean, "sweet machine" would make more sence. just hope immature people see it oddly. but i do like the ring better, thank you. good responses so far ^-^

p.s.:(edit) i wanted "time" because
i had an idea of the logo having the outline of a pocket watch (with something else)... and including it in a design too.
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Shopping Services Review: Celga and koenji_cakewalk

Clearly it's review season!

Since I haven't seen a definitive Celga review in its new format (though I may be victim of 'need to lurk moar past 8 months'), I thought I would write one up for those of you considering on using their service (especially for auction sites like MBok). I'm also reviewing a Swimmer online shop Group Order shopping service by koenji_cakewalk.

Note: The items I ordered through Celga are not lolita by any stretch - this is strictly a service review. And it's TL;DR, but if it helps you save money, I think it's something to consider.

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Otakon 2009-Professional Photos

Otakon is over! T_T;; I am a very sad Erinface. I had a really great time this year-in fact, it was probably my best Otakon ever! I got to spend lots of time with my dearest sweetsailormars , see good friends I hadn't seen since LAST year, and meet some new people who were awesome and fantastic.

I didn't take very many pictures with my camera this year *GASP IN SHOCK AND AWE*, so those are going to get their own post. *This* post is for some professional photos taken by Refractor Productions on Saturday and Sunday. None of these shoots were planned (apparently the Refractor guys just really liked our outfits XD), but i think the photos came out really well!

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