July 22nd, 2009

Coffin ring

Looking for a german speaking LJ Lolita community

I searched via LJ interests, EGL search and countless friendlists but I couldn´t find anything. ._.
I can remember someone mentioned a german community on LJ but I couldn´t find any, so every help is apreciated.

Edit: I created a community now: ger_lolita
This will be a lolita community not only for germans but for people who can speak/read the german language. Have fun! :3
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The ongoing quest

So here I am again, continuing the quest to find lolita for the broke (or close to it.) My last effort turned out more vintage than anything else so I wondered if I could get your opinions on my newest set. Thanks in advance :)

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I prefer all black to many bold patterns so I thought I'd go with it. I hope this is ok.
Ever your nervous quester, Nina x x

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Did anyone else notice this yet? (Click the pic)


I haven't been paying attention to EGL so excuse me if this is old news.

I'm signing up right now to see what you can do...

As of yet it appears you can only bid on items that are listed in english? Or at least on the search engine on the English page, you can only see items from sellers that have listed it in English...so not much selection.

You can use the regular Japanese search with your login (but this is really pointless if the seller doesn't ship overseas--not to mention I already have a personal account).

SE - Crona

Brands Then and Now

Because of addictive_sugar's comment on kamikaze_musa's post comparing the old styles of brands to brands now, I started looking back through old volumes of the Gothic & Lolita Bible and comparing. I thought I would share some of the images with you.

For each brand, I included 1 or 2 images from very old GLBs and one image from GLB volume 33.

An additional image for each brand from GLB 15 has been added. Credit for GLB 15 scans goes to lunadear. Thank you!

Collapse )If there is a brand that I did not list that you would like to see, feel free to ask for it and I'll edit the post to include it.

EDIT: Meta has been added!
EDIT #2: A middle point for each brand has been added from GLB 15.
EDIT #3: h. Naoto has been added!


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I haven't been involved with lolita for a while, so forgive me if this is some common knowledge.

In order to check to see if something is still in stock on japanese sites I'd always click the item, if it went in the cart I could order it.

Everytime I try this on BSSB's webpage I get this block of text:

恐れ入りますが、BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHTは現在メンテナンスの為、閉店中です。

I can't read Japanese, so I eventually decided to run it through a translator, and got:

It is embarrassed, but BABY and THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT presently because of maintenance, are in the midst of closing. We apply annoyance, but now please wait for a while.

Which means the purchasing option is down for maintenance? What?

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Otakon 2009 Pictures!

Just adding my Otakon pictures on to the pile. Please let me know if you'd like me to take any pictures down. I have a knack for taking terrible pictures of beautiful girls.

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And if anyone's interested at all, I finally posted pictures from Otakon last year here.
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I have recently learned that my closet is extremely lacking, thanks to all these closet posts. XD No worries, though, I have a machine and just enough ambition to work at it! Well, hopefully.

Now, to commit myself to my project I have decided to post my sketches so far to EGL, for constructive criticism (and support of such a crazy endevour, - . - Ahaha.). So, please take a look, and tell me what you think!

 Edit: http://www.fabric.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=f36c0530-f74f-4312-8bc2-13ca3095a3d0

YESSSSSSSSSS I found the perfect fabric.

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Anyone up for an EGL aim chat?
join EGL or send a message to fourtimesfast I'm sleeeeping, so if someone wants to take over invite duties, they can comment and leave their aim below. :3 happy chatting!

:3 -permission from emiko-
Zorak in a Wig

These are the petticoats dreams are made of

I recently acquired a metric boatload of (black) tulle for an extremely reasonable price. I'm planning of making a bunch of petticoats to sell to you, egl!

So, generally speaking, what kind of petticoats do you desire? Do you prefer the a-line shape, or the massive cupcake pouf? Petticoats with a ruffled backside to give your bustle skirts a little more lift? Longer ones? Shorter ones? Elastic waists? Drawstring waists? What are your petticoat pet peeves, or what DON'T you want to see?