July 21st, 2009

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Hello! I was wondering if anyone could give me the names of some brand designers/illustrators. I looked in the memories but I couldn't find anything.
I'd like to learn more about them. Please and thank you :3
dream a little bigger darling

Otakon '09 Snaps

There were so many beautiful lolitas this year, though I was only able to chase down a few for photos, so if I missed you, I'm sorry! I forgot to take snaps of my own outfit as well. DX

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If anyone is unhappy with their photo and wants it removed, you can either comment or PM me.
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Gosu Loli 13 - Review & Scans

Well what can I say other than I'm disappointed.

Gosu Loli has been running out of steam lately and this is doing nothing to change that trend. Most of the designs are unoriginal. There is one interesting design Scalloped-topped high-waist skirt and bolero and another nice if a little plain 18th Century inspired dress. other than that its much of a muchness and I'm sure I've seen some of the garments before in previous editions.

Another problem I have is the amount of Punku/Hellcatpunk style clothing there is which isnt gothic or lolita and if you wore it to a meet you here the word Ita quite a lot.

the only other interesting pieces in the mook are a some iffy sleepwear and a set of three eco bags(S,M,L) which fold up into a small purse but they are plain and some ideas on how to loli the up a bit would have been nice.

Anyway you Can take a look for yourself I've uploaded Scans to the gallery

Mad Daffodil!

There used to be a company called Mad Daffodil who used to make ringlet wigs, does anyone know if they are still around at all? I couldn't remember who made this wig until someone recently posted one for sale but looks like I missed it so I'm hoping I can still buy one directly from them. My Google-Fu is failing today. I remember the people behind Mad Daffodil posted on the sales comm selling these wigs because that's where I bought mine. I really want to replace my dying one. :(

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Quick question egl,
for those of you who one some of AP's candy hair accessories, what is the circumference?
Here is a ref. pic:

please and thank you for any help.  It dose not matter which set you measure, it can be the pastel al a mode ones, I just need a rough measurement.  I am hoping that they are 1.5 inches round.

burgerlita 2.0

otakon 2009: thursday and friday

It is your favorite time of year, egl! The time of year when everyone posts their Otakon pictures all at once and you can't escape it!

Part 1 is a little bit of Thursday and a whole lot of Friday, when we had our annual Teavolve shenanigans. Unfortunately for everyone there was no karaoke this year and thus no horrible embarrassing karaoke VIDEOS. I can only apologize.

We did get to witness a great panel about the individuality of the style in the US, called "Freedom of Fashion: the American Lolita", which shared some really interesting perspectives on why lolita manifests in its (great!) and highly unique way in the US.

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I'll post pictures from the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show and general goings-on soon!
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lolita cars?

 well well well, it's been a while egl.
just discovering closet posts and trying to catch up.

anyways, my 16th shall be coming up in february, and in the meantime, i've been thinking cars.
and vespas.
does anyone have any cute pictures or car accessories  that might signal to the starts of a lolita car?
i'm thinking of a jaguar, loli style.

Changes in Lolita

Let's face it, everything changes right? I was curious to hear other's oppinions on what they have personally seen change in lolita fashion since they first started. For example, I've been into the fashion for about a year and a half, and I don't see so many people sporting lace tops socks as much as I used to (which I don't really care for anyways). What have you guys seen evolving or what would you like to see evolve in the fashion?

innocent world petticoat?

Does anyone own the Innocent World petti? If so, do you have pictures of the petti worn with a dress or skirt? I am thinking about buying it but I want to know how puffy it really is. I have bought pettis before that looked nice and fluffy in the pictures, but then lost its puff after only a few times wearing it.
Almost forgot! does anyone also own and have pictures of the polka-dot frill cape from moitie?