July 20th, 2009


Innocente Seraphim Welcomes Baby The Stars Shine Bright!

Kumiko Uehara, the chief designer for Baby The Stars Shine Bright, will be attending Innocente Seraphim as our Lolita Guest Of Honor!

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In addition to a Q&A Panel, there will be a Baby The Stars Shine Bright fashion show on Saturday and a store with Baby merchandise for attendee shopping. Pre-registration ends Friday, July 24th, and there are still some hotel rooms left, too!

We hope to see a lot of you there! We are just thrilled to finally be able to announce!

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Otakon Fashion Show

I went to the fashion show @Otakon this past weekend, and really enjoyed it. 

I was hoping to find a summary of the designers and contact information, there were a few that were only contacted via e-mail and one I remember had a storefront and I was curious as to where it was. I'm familiar with Candy Violet and MissMeganMaude, but the others were new to me.

Really good job to those that put it on - I assume the organizers were present somewhere here on egl.

Also, I did not have a good seat for pictures - anyone have photographs of the show?
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Parasol stores in England?

hello egl! My grandmother is in England and wondered what i wanted. i'm thinking of getting a parasol, one kind of like Baby's that are ruffly and can actually be used in the rain and what not.
So my question is, are there any parasol specialty stores or stores that sell have parasols in England?
much help is appreciated!
thank you!
SE - Crona

picture request: aristocrat

I'm looking for pictures of aristocrat waistcoats, vests, jackets, and coats; preferably menswear-like and/or asymmetrical. I would like to see things like Black Peace Now, Atelier Boz, Moitié, Alice and the Pirates, or other brands/offbrand/handmade with a similar aesthetic. I especially want to see BPN, since their website never wants to work for me.

Any Lolitas do ATCs?

I was wondering if any Lolitas on here do Artist Trading Cards at all. (http://www.artist-trading-cards.ch/)

I bought a few packs today, and it got my inspired to make some to trade, and to try to get a Lolita themed card swap going.

Basically what it is, is you do a drawing, painting, collage, or what have you, on a support that's 2.5 X 3.5 inches big, the size of an average trading card. You then swap your doodles or whatever with other people, and create a collection of the work of other artists as well as share and promote your own work.

I thought it would be cool to get the community involved, sort of like when the valentine thing was going on.

The people interested in participating, would find a buddy, or several if they felt productive enough, and pretty much exchange a doodle, via mail, or however you prefer.

Is this totally lame, or would anyone be interested? Or should I post this to the art comm. instead?

Haha, any feedback would be appreciated. I thought this might be a neat way to get to know people, and share the talent I know this community has. :O

EDIT: Alright, it seems like this has gotten a good response, so does anyone have any ideas on how to partner people up? You can trade cards with as many people as you think you can handle, but what would be a good method of pairing people?

Mew and Infanta review

On the 28th of March I joined mariko_senpai's group order for Mew's crown ribbon dresses. After a long wait I finally received my dress last week. Mariko has been amazing during the whole ordeal and has done her best given the circumstances and I have already spoken to Mew personally about my displeasure with how long my dress took. In my mind that's all water under the bridge now and I am here to review Mew's Crown Ribbon dress and an Infanta blouse I purchased from Mariko's online store, One Day in Paradise.

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Brisbane meet at Cupcake Parlour

Thanks for organising Saturday's meet to Cupcake Parlour, cthonical!

I apologise if I have gotten any LJ nicks wrong. Names and I are not the best of friends.

And I unfortunately didn't manage to get a snap of everyone. Nevertheless...

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Huge Joann's Trim Clearance!

Hey all, just a PSA-
I work at Joann's (whooo! >.>;;) And I wanted to let anyone who has a Joann's near them that we just marked down a TON of trims to clearance prices-$0.97 and $0.50 a yard-today, including a metric freakton of high quality lace that usually sells for $4 and $5 a yard. We're changing trim suppliers and trying to get rid of as much as possible to make room for the new stuff. So GO! Get it while you can!