July 18th, 2009

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Loli's in Beaumont?

Hi Ladies.
I currently live in New Jersey, but I'll be down for my high school reunion in Beaumont, Tx. from the 23rd til the 27th of this month. I was wondering if there were any loli's in the area that weekend? I wouldn't mind meeting up for coffee or checking out your favorite store.
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Longest pause between purchases?

Hey EGL, I came up with this question to ask all of you while browsing for my next purchase today. I hope this hasn't been asked before. If it has please let me know kindly and point to the thread. I wasn't sure how to search for a topic like mine in the search engine so I thought I'd ask anyway XD;

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Ordering from Atelier Pierrot - accepting requests

Hey everyone!

We weren't going to post anything to EGL about this until we actually got some clothes in stock, but it really just seems to make more sense to ask again if you guys have any specific requests before we order.

We're going to start carrying Atelier Pierrot in our shop (and bringing them to NYAF), and we're going to place our first order this weekend. They will probably end up being the first Lolita brand to have their current line up on our web site. They're actually really down to earth and responsive so I don't think we're going to have any issues getting our orders from them in a timely manner. And they actually encouraged us to announce that we'll be carrying them.

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Angelic Pretty Print Chronology

I've been looking at all the closet posts that have been going up these past couple days, and one of my favorite parts is the vast amount of prints in there.  It made me start thinking.  Though I've been into lolita for a few years, I've only started paying attention to brand at all in the past nine months or so, and therefore I don't know a lot of prints that didn't come out within the last couple years.

Since that brand database we were all excited about a while ago never seemed to have happened or is still in the works, I figured I could come up with a chronology of Angelic Pretty, mostly because I'm curious, and it might be helpful for anyone wishing to confirm that AP uses the same pattern again and again and again (not objecting, just pointing out.)  Unfortunantly, I don't really know what went where before 2008. 



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Lolita Documentary Idea? (EDITED) (Re-edited)

Collapse ) Basically, I want some feedback:
Is this a good idea?
Would anyone be interested in watching it?
Is the title okay? ("Loli Files: Ocean Side")

EDIT: Okay, so I'm feeling a little shot-down. But what I've gathered is that people find in unrelevent, so I suppose I won't post it. Doesn't mean I won't make it, but I'm not going to post it here. Majority rules. (There was one person interested. So sorry if anyone else was, too.) Second Edit: Okay, So, with a few more people commenting, I have re-formed my idea. It will be a vlog, consisting of either 5, 6, or 7 "episodes" (One for each day.) I'm going to post it on a separate YouTube account when I'm done. It should be done in around a month. (The camp starts the first week of August, then around one week for editing, because I currently don't have a usable computer, so I'll be using my father's.) When it's finished I'll put a link here and on Lifestyle Lolis. Also, no feedback on the name yet? Would someone please tell me if it's total crap or not? (Sorry for being blunt! >.<) (In case you don't want to look, then name I currently have is "Loli Files: Ocean Side") Thanks for all the feedback!
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Bodyline blouses vs. Anna House blouses, and a quick note on long bloomers!

When it comes to offbrand blouses, do you prefer Bodyline or Anna House?

I'm looking to buy some blouses, but I'm not sure which offbrand store to go to. I don't want to spend more than $40 on a blouse, so I'm generally not interested in brand stuff.

I've heard the blouses Anna House sells are really see-through...true? What about Bodyline's?

Also, are Bodyline's blouses a pure white color? I've heard that some of them are actually more off-white than white - I'm generally talking about the short sleeved blouses they sell, btw. I heard this one was particularly off-white.

And for Bodyline blouses that are bigger than your measurements but have ties in the back, do you think they look pretty good when tied tighter, or do they just end up looking baggy? Some of the blouses I want from Bodyline are just too big. ;_;

PS: I'm still on the lookout for long bloomers, since people commented in the thread I made awhile back that the bloomers Anna House sells tend to ride up. I was planning on buying the AH ones... v_v Anyone know of somewhere better to buy long bloomers?
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