July 17th, 2009

lolita hair

My hair is white/blonde. I know this is good how it is, but I have so much dye and need a change.
I figured pink is the way to go, but there is so many options.

So, if you could have any color hair, what would you do? Anything! I have all color dyes and need inspiration.
Thank you!!

EDIT: Haha, do not be jealous. I had to dye my hair this color. My hair is my greatest work of art, and i'm constantly working on it and am very proud. *O*
Unfortunately, I have no pictures right now.
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Query regarding closet posting.

I must say I've loved looking at everyones wardrobes.

Now to my question - I am only really new to lolita, so I don't have many pieces.
Does it matter if I post my wardrobe, even though it's more goth/punk attire than lolita?
I'm uber proud of my bedroom, as I decorated it myself.

Can I post mine too, or is it too off topic?
To make it more appealing - I have an AMAZING shoe/bag collection.
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Okay. So I am a big fan of the Asymmetrical hair cuts. I have had one for quite a while and then cut it off thinking that It would not fit with Lolita Styles. I did so without asking if it would fit or not. So before I do anything else with my hair I will ask. Does an Asymmetrical hair cut fit with Lolita style?

Photo Request/Information Request about priscilladawn etsy store

I've seen this Etsy store and while I love the skirts and the waistband looks comfy, I just want to see if anyone here has bought from this seller.  Does anyone have any pictures of  any of the skirts being worn? Or review about the quality?  Able to wear a petti with one?  Is the seller a member of the egl community?  I looked at the seller's feedback and while some people enjoy the skirts, I just want to know from an actual confirmed lolita to give a thumbs up or down. I'm really just concerned with being able to put a petti under it.  Didn't find anything in egl search  So this looks like a long shot at being answered but I thought I would try.

One of the skirts in question:

Thank you! 

Main store link:

DS and Phone Bling. ♥

This is my first time trying to decorate anything, to be honest...I bought a crystal case and some little gems to stick onto it... *A*; I kind of had himegyaru in mind. I also put a few things on my phone ( it's old and chunky, and I thought it needed a little life put into it... ♥ )


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Another closet post

oh my god, taking so many pics is exhausting, I hope somebody is interested in these pics, because it took a lot of time to take them XD! No cutsews, no blouses, no bloomers, no socks, no accessory: just dresses, skirts, coats, jackets and shoes... *_*
These are not the most beautiful pics, like you can see in other closet-posts. I just throw everything together XD
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fancy lashes

Sewing post!

Well I'm moving or else I'd be all over the closet meme. Instead, have a sewing post!

I asked for some help the other day I lost the url or I'd link... and this is what I came up with!

Desperate to wear this before I have to pack it, I convinced lindykins to come have lunch with me.

idk big pictures are big?

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Fieldofdreams (potentia_libero) closet - Snoopy Socks and Innocent World!

I've been into lolita for 3 years but didn't start collecting for my collection until 2008.
I have a moderately small collection that I am very proud of including 1 dream piece.
but considering other outside variables such as college loans, jobless, shrinking wallet,
I've extended more to off brand and...for some reason the hording of socks.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the last picture, I was compelled.
EDIT - pictures sort of fixed - sorry D:
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The InnoSera Discount Expires Tomorrow!

So book your hotel room today! The special discounted price of $139.00 for a room at the Westin Bellevue ends this Saturday at 5:00pm. Your card will not be charged until you check in. You can find all the information about the hotel discount and hotel itself here.

Curious about what's happening at the con? The first pass of the schedule is up now as well! Times, places and events might be subject to change, but this is the current revision. The Friday evening events will only be available to pre-registered attendees, so keep that in mind.

Thanks for reading! I hope I get to see some of you there.

Looking for Pictures - Found

Hi everyone! I am looking for pictures of the Ruby dress from Milky Ange. It came out a few years back and is now sold out on the website. I tried both the search function and the stock photo pool, neither of which had pictures. I sadly lost my copies of the stock photos when my computer crashed a few months back. The dress was a brown one piece with a dropped waist and a pleated skirt, it also had a sailor collar and puffed long sleeves. I am also looking for pictures of the Mariel dress if anyone has them, I know that archfaith posted front and back pics but I am looking for detail shots. Thank you for your help.