July 16th, 2009


Discussion: what you don't like in lolita...

I was writing a post on my personal blog yesterday about offbrand and brand relations, coordinating offbrand, and how not cross the line between ita and lolita, when I just realized that even if I know perfectly how to dress like a "regular" lolita, sometimes I just don't follow it because of personal reasons.

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What are your intentional lolita "mistakes"? How do other lolitas respond to your outfit when it's clearly not perfect in every detail (because of your own decision)? What expectations you don't like and don't want to follow?

What dressing habits you don't like on yourself and what's bothering you on other lolitas?

Bodyline - Macau Shipping Problem Help?

Bodyline writes on their Site that there $0 DHL Shipping apply to China, Hong Kong, Macau and etc. to Aisa. They accept Paypal only.

I noticed that Paypal doesn't have the option of Macau. And Bodyline takes only Paypal Shipping address. I'm pretty sure people in Macau has brought from Bodyline before since all the new Loli-ish shop that was opened. So, how did any get their stuff shipped to Macau?

* I know it's a small country but I'm pretty sure there's at least a couple of people in this area. *

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Closet Meme

 Since my closet is dark and my clothes are all in dress bags or boxed up, I thought it would be more fun to take my stuff out of the closet to photograph. So, on to the content of my closet! ^_^

My accessories: socks, top hat, washcloths, etc.
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Sailor Moon - censored

egl_comm_art - We want your Lolita photos!

Greetings from one of the mods over at egl_comm_art!
We're a community based around Lolita artwork, a friendly place to post your work and get helpful critiques (or if you just want to share artwork you did without fear of being torn apart by the non-art community ;)). As always, accepting new members, and works of all skill levels and levels of completion.

Want to become a work of art? We're looking for photo donations!
I'd like to expand the resources available to our community artists, and for that, I need everyone's help who's able to contribute! What we're looking for are photo donations for our artists to use as resources for artistic works.
The types of photos we're looking for are ones that feature Lolitas and/or have interesting backgrounds useful for Lolita art. Photos donated will be used for artistic purposes, including, but not limited to, artistic inspiration, reproduction in artistic media (drawing, painting, etc), bases/pieces of photo manipulation, etc.
If you have photos that you'd like to donate, and/or would like more information, please see my full post in the art community, here--commenting has been enabled for non-community members (and screened to help protect those that don't want their photos too widely spread, but don't mind them being used for artistic purposes). Please post all photos/links in the linked post, not in this egl post.

Currently running contests:
(You must be a member in order to enter any of the contests (obviously).)
~ Monthly theme contest - July's theme is Elements. This contest is running until July 28th. More info...
~ LOLitas - This contest is running until August 31st. More info...
~ Profile contest - Lolita Fashion Police - This contest is running until September 30th. More info...

We now have a tag for commissionable artists! Each member has to create an intro before posting their art to the community, and one of the fields in the intro is asking if the artist is available for commissions. If anyone is looking for commissions, go ahead and check out our artists! The profiles for our commissionable artists can be found here.