July 15th, 2009


Searching, FAQ, Memories, Cuts, and YOU!: Troubleshooting for New Members!

It's summertime, and new members are popping up like daisies on EGL! Even though EGL grows all year-round, the numbers of new members on EGL during the summer is exponential, and they often arrive eager and enthusiastic, full of energy- and full of questions. Lolita is a complicated world, and a HUGE community like EGL can be intimidating, and at times a bit hard to understand. Even the most seasoned member was new, and each wide-eyed new Lolita could one day become a veteran. That said, it behooves the older members to be receptive of new members, but at the same time, it's also wise for the new members to be well-informed! Consider it getting your swimsuit wet before a dive.

Much of what Lolita has to offer is learned through lurking; simply watching the community and soaking up information. But, when the answers aren't simply flowing by, a question might form! So, it's one thing to shout, "USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION!" And quite another to know how it works. Don't worry, soon your google-fu will be strong. That's what I'm hoping this guide will do.

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Monthy Themes

A couple of weeks ago idealia asked what themes people would be interested in seeing, and now we're implementing the first themes!

There will be a general theme as well as an aesthetic theme each month. The general theme might be things like sewing, closets, picnics and so on while the aesthetic theme will be something like a color or a pattern. The reason for two themes is so that there are more opportunities for people to participate. Theme based posts do not need to include both of the themes, nor do all community posts have to be on theme. The themes are just to give people inspiration and excuses to post! Of course, if you want to make a post that includes both themes, please feel free! More power to you!

The themes will be listed each month at the top on the main community page. They will be changed on the first day of each new month, and in the future we will sometimes take a community vote on what the next theme should be.

This month, in honor of Lucky Packs and Summer, the general theme is "Closet Showcase" and the aesthetic theme is "berries".

Closet Showcase
Show off your lolita wardrobe! You can show us just your clothes, or you can show them in your closet or drawer. If you're the type with a messy room, you could even use this as an excuse to clean up and show us before and afters!

It's summer in Japan, North America and Europe, and what is more summery than berries? Show off your berry print clothing or have a berry themed picnic and share the pictures with us! Do you have some adorable berry recipes that could be used for a tea-party? Share them!

If you have any questions about the themes, please ask in this post. The moderation team sincerely hopes that everyone will have fun with this! ^_^
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Starting a Shopping Service?

I am about to move to Japan and I am very interested in starting a shopping service. I will probably be offering more than just Lolita items (like men's clothing and toys), but the main focus would be Lolita brands and stores. However, I have no idea what the needs of community are, and if there is even a need for another Lolita shopping service..

So I would I love to hear comments and suggestions about:

- what would you like me to offer?

- would you like a traditional web-based store or to deal with me personally over LJ and e-mail?

- what stores would you like me to visit and what locations? (I will probably be in Tokyo, but it wouldn't be out of the question for me to make trips to other cities.)

..and any other suggestions you have (even if it is only to say you don't need another shopping service).

Thanks a lot!

So it looks like a lot of people are interested.. I will take all of the suggestions into consideration and check out all the shops that you have suggested... and I will keep checking back for more comments. :)
You can expect another post from me on here or in the sales comm in early August with details about my shopping service :)
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Lolitas with children?


a bit of a useless post but ... Do your children 7-11 yo like to dress in Lolita clothing,  or have your children been asking   for Lolita clothing ?

I’m asking because I’m thinking about adding kid size stuff  but i don't any one with preteen’s to ask  if kids even like Lolita or not. 

It would be a lot of work to set up just to find out that kids hate loli goodies.

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Dutch Lolita brand, "Gojira"?

Has anyone ever bought from this site?

Not that I'm interested in buying from them. I just got the link from Avant Gauche, and was kinda appalled surprised when I saw the "La Carmina" banner on the front page D:

Now I seriously want to know about these guys, just to make sure La Carminia hasn't inspired another awful 'lolita' 'brand' in addition to her own D:

From their pictures, some of the outfits are cute and look well-constructed, others are weird, covered in crazy, uncordinated prints and look like an army of ants stiched it together :/

EDIT: Now that I look, there's some Dutch(?) text next to that banner that I can't read that may explain why it's there.

EDIT 2: Dutch reads "Click the La Carminia banner and see Claire as goth-loli of the week." Hmm. Not exactly sure if I'd be proud about being featured in La Carmina's blog, personally.
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Schedule of Events for New People World Mall Opening

Well I know there has been a lot of discussion about the BTSSB store and Black Peace Now stores opening in SF but I don't think this was posted yet (if it was please delete.) The schedule for the street fair to be held in SF Japantown for opening day (Aug 15) is up. I'm excited about the fashion show and Harajuku Kawaii pageant :) It should be a ton of fun! So happy I live near SF!

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Posting this here for those who don't check oz_lolita.

Hello all!
As of July 27th, I will be a whole two decades old! (20)

Since the big 21 isn't till next year, I wish to invite all lolitas who will be in Melbourne, Australia on
Saturday the first of August to a get all dolled up in your best (or favourite!) Lolita attire for a

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Hi all,

I made this on Sunday, and wanted to gather opinion on it.

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I made this in about 10 minutes before rushing off to a birthday party, so it does need tidying up at the ends, but apart from that, what do you think? Is it any good?

It's attached with a hair clip as I have super thin and fine hair and can't use combs... :S

Also, do you think I'd be able to sell it?

Thanks in advance :)
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Keeping a headdress on your head *brick'd*

Heh. Two posts in less than two hours. I'm horrible D:

I just got my In The Starlight headress in the mail, and I've come across a problem: The darn thing won't stay on my head! It slips , slides, and falls off. (I now know that if you drop a headress at just the right angle, it soars.)

Do any of you have these same problems, and what tips and tricks to you have for keeping your headdress in place?

I'm seriously considering just gluing this to headband...
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Question for Singapore Lolitas on Shipments from Japan

Hello all
I hope you can help! I am planning to ask my shopping service to ship stuff to my Singapore address from Japan. I wonder if you have experienced being caught at customs before, and would you know how long the delay may be? My shopping service won't mark down packages and I wonder what is the risk of being caught at customs.
Thank you very much in advance for your help!