July 14th, 2009

Need florida lolitas for zonacon fashion show

Ok before I start, yes I posted this to the florida lolita communities already, I just wanted to post here in case those communities weren't checked by everyone in the area.

Hey ladies I recently made a post concerning possible events for a florida convention in november (zonacon), and I almost have a couple of events approved but I'd just like to know how many of you would be able to attend and possibly volunteer ( I will try my hardest to get some free perks for those who can volunteer)

At the moment I'm trying to get a fashion show going but at the moment I don't have every style of clothes available and it would be very difficult for me to transport everything from Chicago anyway. I'm looking for various styles such as kuro, shiro, sweet, country, hime, deco, punk, classic, gothic, and anything else I might be forgetting >_<
Are there any girls in the area or traveling to attend the convention interested in volunteering? If you are please send me descriptions of your coordinates and pictures so I can get it approved ( sorry if this sounds horrible but I really want lolita to viewed in a positive light)

On another note would showing dandy or aristrocrat styles veer too off the loli path?

thank you for reading! ^_^

Philadelphia, PA Meetup: Star Trek The Exhibition


"This 12,500 foot exhibition, an amalgamation of all five television and ten film series spanning over 40 years, is the ultimate opportunity to connect with iconic Star Trek moments and characters, while celebrating the creative spirit of science fiction and science that gave rise to many of today's modern marvels. From the Next Generation Bridge, to the Engine Room, to sitting in Kirk's original captain's chair, STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION not only relives the legacy but invites you to be a part of the Enterprise!"


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Alabama community link

Hello everyone,

I am looking for the link to the alabama community (particularly huntsville/surrounding areas).

I have spent almost an hour searching using the search function using a variety of keywords, and have yet to find it.  My computer crashed last night, and alot of links and saved pics are gone!

Thanks in advance!


Hello to all!

I'd like to share some adorable aprons I found.

Jessie Steele.

There's a lot of Sweet Loli-esque aprons, and some Classic as well.

I think I love the Cherry Cupcakes one the best~♥
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Alice in Wonderland Photoshooting

My boyfriend takes part into a photography contest with the theme "Movies", and he decided to take "Alice in Wonderland" as theme for his photos.
We made a little Alice-Shooting, and here you can see the results. :D

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Dress: Metamorphose Pinafore Dress
Apron: present from my best friend
Bunny: my lovely pet Sophie. :D

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