July 13th, 2009

cemetery tea party

Do you know who the lady of the manners is?  Well her book is finally out. And to celebrate she is having a book signing on the 17th in NYC. And on the 18th she is having a tea party in green wood cemetary from 1 to 4 pm. This is not a lolita event, it is mainly for goths. However, I think as she has been featured in the G&L bible darker loli styles are appropriate. I unfortunately can't attend as one of my friends birthday party is that day and I already said I'd go to it. However, I thought I would inform you all in case you didn't know.
See her website for more details.www.gothic-charm-school.com

A little Bodyline Picture request

Hello ^.^ Im new here, long time lurker, first time poster. I noticed this commmunity has a lot of picture requests, and i figured i would join in. I am going to buy from bodylinethis Thursday (when i get paid XD) and i sot of know what im getting, but, as i have seen, you cant be too confident with the stock photos.

So i was wondering if anyone has bought these items, and if you have a picture of you wearing any of these.
(colours do not matter ^.^)

Also, if you have any great one pieces or jumperskirts that you bought from bodyline, it would be greatly appreciated ^.^

Thank you.

(sorry if this is too much to ask)
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Would you be interested in seeing this?

I'm a writer, and I like to practice during the summer. I've recently developed an interest in journalism, and interviewing people has become one of my hobbies.

Would you be interested in seeing a blog that interviews prominent figures in the American Lolita community, with weekly interviews? Selection (at first) would be based on people who I personally consider to be extremely well-versed in lolita fashion, but over time, if the blog becomes popular, I may consider taking suggestions of people to interview.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see this? Do you have any suggestions on improving the concept for my blog?

EDIT: BLAH. I said I'd start with American lolitas because they're the easiest to contact. I consider Canadian Lolis part of the umbrella of 'American Lolis' because we share a continent. I don't understand why certain people are taking offense to my saying that. Being on the same continent just makes it easier because of time zone issues. It'd be difficult to conduct an interview when it's daytime one place and nighttime in another. When the blog becomes more established, it can expand, but for the first two or three months of interviews, it makes more sense to just have people on the same continent as myself.

DIY shoes???

Does anyone know about making shoes? Not the base, but if you got a mary jane base, is it possible to sew/glue on bows, straps, scalloping, etc? Is there any guide to doing this? Also, does anyone know where to get scalloping ribbon and bows or pvc material? Thanks for you help!
Sailor Moon - censored


You see a lot of variety in Lolita, in terms of fabrics, but I don't really see any denim.

Is it considered taboo? Or are there items out there that are made of denim and still fit in well with Lolita? I tried doing a search in the community, and I only came across photobucket placeholders for long gone images, and a couple pleated skirts, so I couldn't really get a good idea.
What have you seen that's made of denim (either partially or fully) that works well with Lolita? Picture sharing would be much appreciated ^^
Colorful Paris Windows

(no subject)

I'd like to open up a discussion! We all know that Lolita and EGA go hand in hand. Now I know there are different styles of Lolita (I.E. Gothic, Sweet, Classic, Wa, etc.) and there are more and more styles being made all the time. Now here is what I was considering, what about different styles of Aristocrat? I recently happened upon the most beautiful light violet colored Victorian era dress. So my question/discussion is, could you or would you dabble into different genres of Aristocrat like you do with Lolita? Assuming you accessorize and decorate it appropriately. Such as Sweet Aristocrat? Classic Aristocrat? Wa-Aristocrat?

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Fun @ Cosfest 2009

Cosfest 2009 was held last Saturday and Sunday but I went on Sunday as I don't have the stamina to do two con days in a row, lol.

The place where the con was held was so very crowded and I only took some photos of ourselves although I did see some other lolitas milling here and there before being swallowed by the teeming cosplaying/photographer/gawkers masses.

And here's what we did on Day 2 of Cosfest!

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