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For Gothic & Lolita Fashion
July 12th, 2009 
It came today!

All in all, I am happy with the dress I will buy from girldorock again.
02:18 am(no subject)
angelic pretty, red, lolita

I hope you find this usefull!

So, I ordered a coat from metamorphose last week and picked it up at the post office on Friday, I decided to make a review because when I was looking around for reviews before I order and I thought there should be more reviews so people can feel more secure.

This is what I ordered: http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/onlineshop_eng/sale/110840100029.php?ssid=132e2118109610233310

PicturesCollapse )

As far as the coat itself goes, I was disappointed on the roughness of the fabric, but I liked the details and versatility of it (everything can be removed and switched around, aven the lace details come off). The lace is not bad, but not excellent either. It's a bit too big for a skinny person such as myself, but being a coat you want it to have extra room so that's not too bad.

The store's service was good, although the replies were kind of slow, they where nice and helpfull.
A major problem was that the store wrote the wrong adress on the package. For some reason, their website turned "nº295" to "n#&2314295" or something similar. I thought it was very careless of them not to ask me if this was my real door number, since it obviously isn't. The floor was also wrong. I said "3esq" and they wrote "6esq".
Fortunatly the mail man is famiiliar with my name because I get like, 100 packages every month xD (exagerating obv). And he called me to the phone number on the package to confirm the adress.
I couldn't take it anyway because I wasnt home and it went to the nearest postal station.
I also dont like that they send things wrapped in two plastic bags. I'm paying astronomical shipping costs, the least they could do is get a box like everybody else does.

Now, the postal service was EMS, it was all good with them, qick and such. They passed from EMS to CTT (national service) which are also very competent. BUT!!! The portuguese costoms opened the bag with an x-acto knife D: as you know, meta ships in two plastic bags, one inside the other, and they could have easily taken out the tape and open it, instead, they sliced it open, risking damaging the content. I was very shocked.

Good night!
11:07 am - Advice please?
Okay, so I finally bought a white shirt (not loli-appropriate, but at least it's not a sleeping shirt.....) so I tried on a skirt and jsk that I have. I'm thinking that I look a bit silly in sweet, but it might be that maybe a skirt just doesn't flatter me as well as a jsk does. Or maybe I'm completely wrong. Anyway, I wanted to know what you all thought? Thanks.

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edit: I'm actually asking about whether sweet or classic style works better for me (since I know the clothes don't fit me as well anymore), but I must've been pretty bad with my wording. ^^; Sorry about that! But thanks for your advices~ And if anyone is wondering why my shirt looks so big... I don't have an hourglass figure. It's more like an inverted triangle. So I always have to get bigger sizes, since otherwise shirts won't go over my chest.;;

Also, sorry if I sound like such an ingrate! D': I'm usually blunt, and people usually figure out how I mean to say things by my tone (I always sound sorry pretty much) so yeah.... Sorry again! I really do appreciate all the comments you all left for me! <3
Rilakkuma Face
For those who own the Bodyline IW replica JSK (with the dogs), is the Bodyline website correct in their max waist measurement, 26 inches?

I'd really like this JSK, but my waist is about 29 inches. v_v
sad beauty
I did a photoshoot with hehalana and her sister yesterday! They are wearing Aatp dresses :)


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Okay First off, yes I have searched through EGL and the Lolita Hand Book and I found the pictures and all for the short hair styles but really? To be honest a lot of those pictures don't look very great at all. I was wondering what you could do with boy short hair? It's also a Red color aswell...soo yeah....Any ideas would be very appreciated.
Time for another discussion post~

This has been another issue that plagues me when I think about lolita and the "culture" westerners have formed through the fashion. I often hear stories about girls complaining about other fashion-formed groups, and it makes me wonder "What makes lolita so special?, What makes lolita above other fashions?"

Sure you may not find the whole scene or emo crowd to be to your liking, but what gives you the "higher status" in order to put these fashions down? Face it girls, lolita is an extremely silly fashion. Dare i say, even sillier than or just as silly as the other fashions that are bagged on quite a lot. I know many of you will be quick to jump on the "But lolita is elegant, it is beautiful, it is etcetc" train. Now after you disembark that train, hop on the hypocrite train!

What ever happened to fashion being fun? Yes I know these dresses and shoes and bows lolitas buy are crazy ass expensive and in some way shape or form you want to display them in a good light, but remember, they are just clothes.

And for that matter, what in the world is up with the sudden surge of hate for "weeaboos"? (Personally, I just hate any dumb term that comes out of 4chan.. but moving on..) It seems silly to me to hate on people who enjoy anime or manga or whatever. The brands that people so revere are *japanese*, remember? You know that guy Mana? Underneath all that make up and frill, he is a japanese man.

Lately the community(ies) have been buzzing with lots of hate for specific groups. Whats the deal?
07:06 pm - Lolita Rt. 66?
Just curious as to the existance of Lolis on Route 66.

Can be anywhere along or near there. I'll be traveling down it for a segment on Radio Loli.
My apologies for posting yet another question (I certainly don't mean to spam the community with request posts), but I had such helpful suggestions and success with my last entry, that I'm pretty confident I'll find the information I need by asking here again.

I'm looking to purchase a simple black vest.  Perhaps double breasted or with a unique collar to give it that twist, but I'm mainly just trying to find something simplistic.  I'm thinking that the more simplistic, the easier it is to match in a variety of outfits.

The problem is, it's for someone who's measurements are beyond petite.  She has a small bust and a small waist (I don't know her exact measurements) to the point where a Forever 21 / H&M / etc size small is too big and baggy for her.  And their size "extra smalls" are rare, to say the least.

Can anyone direct me to stores online (that ship in the US) or offline (preferably in the LA, California area) that may carry a simple loli-able vest that fits an extra extra small?

Also: Pictures of outfits that feature a black vest would be particularly helpful for future reference.

Hoping this isn't too much of a stupid question: How do you feel about mixing replicas with brand items of the original set?
Also, how do you feel about mixing several brand logos in one outfit? Not just mixing brand, but really obvious logos, like say a AP tote and parasol with that BABY dress that has like 4 rows of 'BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT' around the skirt.

More people seem to wear replica shoes than the original with their brand, but I've also heard about people (mostly in stories about japanese lolis) feeling guilty when they find themselves buying things outside thier favorite brand. Is this generally a japanese thing, or are there people around here that feel the same way?

I ask because I really like AP's Melody Doll stuff in black + white, but I'm a little bit too big in the bust to fit it, so I was thinking about matching the Bodyline replica with the AP beret. Would people care, or just the "raawr replicas are bad" crowd?

(Those aren't my photos btw, but I can't seem to find stock of either items in those colorways. Also, does anyone happen to know how much that beret goes for 2nd hand? The only sales I can find are old and have been deleted.)

I organized a Lucky Pack Group Order for some of us here in Washington, and today we had a potluck tea party and swap meet to receive and trade our Lucky Pack contents!

Lots of great photos by pinq_couture under here.Collapse )
chibi! me xD
Metamorphose has announced the sale of a "final lucky pack" to be released July 15th (Wed) 0:00 (midnight).
It can only be bought ONLINE.

The cost will be 20, 000 yens + shipping

What it could contain:
- a dress/skirt made of our original print fabric,
- a dress/skirt/blouse made of non-original print fabric,
- a pair of socks,
- an undergarment


Now, these lucky packs are very tempting... 0_o

source: Metamorphose News
Today wasn't terribly sunny but that made for an easier time wearing loli without swealtering :) This was the first time I went to the Alice in Wonderland Festival but it was lots of fun - actors playing out parts of the book and just a lot of people dressed up and having fun overall!

Anyhoo many many pics under the cut

Click here for many photos (20)!Collapse )
All in all much fun was had. Watching the kids being involved in the queen's croquet games and the actors playing out parts of the book was really worth the time we spent there. More random photos can be found here s7.photobucket.com/albums/y288/rillystar/innosera/alice-festival-2009/ Password to access is ilu123 (I'll remove this later as not to tank my photobucket usage lol)

11:45 pm(no subject)
collapsing night  | stop dreaming
It's been an incredible run of conventions for us at One Day in Paradise.

Incredibly fun. Incredibly tiring. Incredibly heart-warming. Incredibly heart-aching. Incredibly inspiring.

We could totally run for the Incredibles award.

In the past few months we've gone to Supanova Melbourne, Supanova Brisbane, Supanova Sydney and Supanova Perth.
Dragging our little store of lolita goodies with us. Read on under the cut for a (mostly) pictorial tour of our journey across Australia!

Jetting across the country ... (image heavy)Collapse )
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