July 11th, 2009



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Got this choker today, it's from Alice & the Pirates i think..
It's lovely but what about the spelling? Ahah =D

Je suis un pepit demon?
French girls, does this have sense? I think it should have been "petit" ^^

Well i think this makes it cuter, whatever

In New Orleans for the weekend....

 and we were wondering if there were any good shops to find loli-items, hopefully in or near The French Quarter.  I am on the hunt for clothing, parasols, accessories, etc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  We have walking-nav, so we just need the name or a location and we will be on our way!

Happy, huggy thanks!
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boy whores

need some outfit advice.

i am awaiting a jsk to arrive: it is royal blue with a white underskirt. the jsk skirt is asymmetrical so the white underskirt will show in the front/side. i will be wearing it with a white blouse and a black mini pirate hat.
my question is:
what colour for the bottom? black? brown? I have never worked with this colour and i am going shoe and tights/sock shopping this weekend and would like some opinions. thanks!
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AP strawberry


Does anyone happen to know what happened to Soraumiberry? All the links that I had for it don't work, so I'm wondering if I missed anything.... Also stock pictures of anything soraumiberry would be appreciated. Thanks!
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M.A.C x Hello Kitty

Just a heads' up, but MAC and Hello Kitty have collaborated to produce a line specially for their anniversary. I'm not sure when the article is dated, but it's from this year. It seems really cute though, and the dresses are very lolita apporiate (lol)

Read more here

On a secondary note, I'm curious to see what will result from all the Hello Kitty collaborations. So far, the list of participating companies:

- Angelic Pretty
- Putumayo
- Jane Marple
- Shirley Temple

...have all released some kind of news regarding special Hello-Kitty items. I'm quite sure more brands are participating (possibly from the gyaru end, but I'm not familar with it). Thoughts, anyone? Any dream Hello Kitty collabs?

Shirley Temple maintenance?

Hello everyone!
I was just looking after the Shirley Temple websites in my bookmarks and realized, they are all off D:
Does anyone know what has happend to them? It would be a pitty if they were down for now~
those are the ones I'm talking about:
 - http://recruit.shirleytemple.jp/about_st.shtml
 - http://www.shirleytemple.jp/

I hope that this is not the end and they've only moved to an other domain ._.