July 10th, 2009


Lolitatales update

So If you dont remember I posted a while ago about Lolitatales and a lot of other people had problems too. So I e-mailed Kidsyoyo and they also have not been able to get a hold of her and are about to not let her sell for them anymore because of all this. Also I found a different seller that looks just like her and they said my JSK has been fixed and will be shipped out soon. They might know something about all your stuff.


If you ordered from her, here are the e-mailed of kidsyoyo and HMHM.

Ling Lam Bulk?

Does anyone know if Linglam does bulk orders? I heard it mentioned before as an idea for a GO, but I'm not quite sure what happened? I would like to get some shoes for those prices without the crazy shipping, so I was just wondering if anyone knew. Thanks!

Shopping / bidding service suggestion?

So within the past year, I have made a few purchases on Yahoo Japan Auctions through Crescent Shop.  Well, I just recently noticed that if another user is bidding using Crescent Shop, then you cannot bid on that same item.  Essentially, "saving" the item for that customer.  It's bothersome because I would have liked to try my hand at winning that item.  :(

Well, my question is: can anyone recommend another Japanese shopping or bidding service (with a quick response / turnaround) to use in this type of situation

I've done a bit of research prior to this post.  But I'd definitely like some suggestions and recommendations to keep me updated.  This is something I feel I should know so I don't have the same problem in the future.  Please don't recommend Celga since I've heard about / seen poor performance on their end over the course of many years and as a result, I don't really want to risk trying them out.  Thanks in advance!