July 8th, 2009


AP Print Close Up Photos

i'm working on a new set of drawings based on AP prints from January to June 2009
i've got most of the characters drawn and such, but i'm having a small problem
i can't seem to find any closeups of the following prints (on google or on egl)
so i'm really sorry if it's been posted before ( > A < ;) !

sweet jam (yellow)
sugary carnival (sax)
cherry berry bunny (pink)
tiara rose (lavender)

if possible, can someone either upload some close ups of these prints in the preferred colours?
or link me to where the prints can be found?

thanks for helping~

Lolita treats?

Me and my lolita group will be having a LoliCafe for an upcoming japanese festival here in our country. We wanted to serve treats that best fits lolita as much as possible. I know stuff like this are not new to foreign countries and I just want to get help from you guys.

What are the best food/treats/beverages for a LoliCafe? Thanks!! :D
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Bodyline shoe sizing

Did anyone else notice, that Bodyline changed their sizing???

I ordered a few shoes from the new update, the ones with the ribbons and a pair of restocked Heart Buckle Replicas.
I already have 3 pairs at home, one of them with the high heels. And I always ordered size 26, in which I have room for my 26cm feet with socks.

This time I ordered size 26 again, and besides of having really short straps, the shoes are too short for me too. Even the new heart buckles. I touch the end of the shoe in each pair. And in the heels it's quite uncomfy.
I'm really pissed, because I ordered 3 pairs at once that don't fit me right. I think it could be okay for the heart buckles, because they are flat. But they aren't as wide as before too. No problem for me, but maybe for those with wider feet :/
Bodyline seemed to have totally changed the sizing!
Bad for me, because a size 26.5 does not exist for the new shoes >____>  But the size 26 shoes are not longer than 26cm anymore.
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Angelic Pretty Petticoats

I`ve looked in the memories and I couldn`t find what I was looking for. I was just curious to see if the Aneglic Pretty petticoats are worth buying? Are they fluffy as they seem or just totally downers? Can they hold up for a long time or not? Any pictures and opionons would be greatly appricated.
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Innocent World Customs? - Solved

Collapse )Edit: I went back and talked to another guy there. He said the other guy was stupid (in other terms though xD) and that it was Japan's customs, not the US's customs or something like that.

Anyways, am I the only one that got a demon cat print skirt instead of a pretty dress? D:
I'll be posting it up for sale when I get the pics up.

Stock Piccie Request

I know I know, sue me.
I searched the flickr group but didnt find anything.

Does anyone have a picture of the IW socks that are off white(I believe) and have blue roses on the side of the leg? I believe they are knee high and pretty large. Theyre not the ballet ones on the site nor the ones with scatered roses. They have a row of large roses on the side. Pretty pleases?

Thanks and sorry for the trouble in advance.

attention, shoppers:

c: For you seamstress-types (I don't know if this is applicable everywhere), my local South Florida Walmart is hosting a 50% off sale on all their fabric stocks. I walked out with quite an amount of damask prints and nice muslin and lace for under $25.

Again, I don't know if it was just a local rollback, but none-the-less, if anyone's going to be making any Walmart trips, it might be worth checking the crafts section.

edit;; tl;dr of the comments, it appears to be a chainwide sell-out of fabrics and crafts due to lack of profit; stock up while you can!
Cupcake, blue, flower, yummy

Is this blouse suited for lolita?

So today I got this blouse (for zero euro's XD) and I thought it had a bit of a loli thing to it.
I was thinking about making a jumperskirt to wear over it so you won't see that the lace-ish parts stop at one point :)
What do you girls think?
I'm on a budget so I really can't afford anything that is brand :(
And I do want to start wearing lolita

(links because they are a bit large :) )


Fabric sites

I'm looking for good internet sites that sell fabrics. I make a lot of my own (lolita) clothing and I'm dying to get some really pretty lolita-inspired fabrics. I'm thinking pretty patterns and sugary colours, as well as dark and gothic.
There's a really good site with nice fabrics;


However I was thinking that maybe there's some seamstresses out there who knows about really good sites with lovely fabrics.
Am also interested in laces and other pretty ornaments.

It would also be very nice to hear about people experiences. Like, have you ordered from there before, are they safe, are they good, will my daddy's bank account be empty the day after transferring the money?

(Btw I live in sweden so international shipping is a must...)

NY to SF for BABY store opening on Aug.15th?

Is anyone from the New York area (or reasonably nearby such as Philadelphia) traveling to San Francisco for BABY's grand store opening?

Just heard that a media sponsor for VIZ Pictures is looking for any lolitas who are making the trip to make a mini-documentary about it.  An invite to the BABY tea party (being held the next day after the opening) will be included as a thank-you for participation.

That's pretty much all the info that was passed on about it, but anyone who's interested can get the details from the people in charge of the project.

If you're going and interested, or possibly going and interested, just message me your e-mail address, or send an e-mail to milkrosebaby [AT] gmail [DOT] com, and I'll forward it to someone who has more authority and info.  A message before the end of next week would be awesome if you want to do it- thanks!

(This probably sounds totally sketch.  But hopefully, the lolitas who participated in NYAFF can vouch for me not being a creeper or anything.)

Budget lolita is budget

I know most of you here are into branded. If only I could spend most of my money on lolita but I've been working on my short film thesis for half a year already and that's where most of my budget goes. *stabs self* Dx

Good thing local thrift shops keeps the loli in me. I want to share with you some of my lolita finds..err.. I mean.. STEAL~ Please don't hate me for the price. XDD

Collapse )Collapse )
Well I guess that's all for now. I still have lots of stuff here but I feel lazy to take pictures of all of them. X3

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