July 7th, 2009

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Young lolitas?

Are there any lolitas here that are in the 13-15 age range?
Being so young,how do you afford you clothes? how did you get into lolita?

I've seen a community for older lolitas,is there one for the younger ones?

Directed to anyone,how old were you when you got into this fashion?
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Hallo EGL!

So yesterday I went to my local craft store and found tons of amazing ribbon on sale! (And then proceeded to buy an absurd amount of spools...)

Which got me to thinking, what are some of your favourite ribbon-based lolita items (Aside from bows, of course)? I'm especially curious about accessories, as I'm looking to make some over the next month :)

So any suggestions? I've all sizes of ribbon, so anything goes!

[If this post is similar to one I've missed, apologies!]
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Polkadot-ruffle heart pockets skirt (sewing post)

While I was out at the fabric store a few months ago, I noticed these adorable iron-on appliques. I already had some lilac polkadot fabric in my basket since it was on sale for super-cheap, and after a little mulling over what to make, I decided my closet doesn't have nearly enough skirts with pockets (none, in fact!) So I decided to make this skirt, but with the lack of spare time (and moving house) it got put away for a while unfinished. I finally dragged it out to get it done, and I'm pretty happy with how ruffle-butt-adorable it is. I had a bit of fabric left over, so I added a heart bib as a detachable feature to make it semi-JSK style for an added twist.


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camden shops


I just found out I'm allowed my first Lolita dress for my birthday next year. Heehee exciting..
But the thing is my parents aren't keen on buying online. Which pretty much only leaves me with buying from the shops in Camden.
I've heard about them, called Sai sai, GLP and angel pretty (..i think xD lol) 
Sorry if it's been asked before, but could anyone who owns items from there show pictures of the types of things they sell? I've searched, and all i've heard really is the quality isn't too good?  

Thank you! :) 

I have an idea now, thanks for replying!

Lolita flea market in Stockholm!

Attention, Scandinavian lolitas!
Do you have lolita clothes, accessories and other things in your closet that you don't use any longer? Or do you want to complete your own wardrobe?
Come and make bargains, buy and sell used lolita clothing!

The Swedish Lolita forum organizes a lolita flea-market the 25th of July at 11.00-19.00 at Tokyostop in Stockholm.
Buy directly from private sellers as well as our guests, The Pink Fairies, Ergi and The Mymbles Daugther who will be selling their handmade clothing and accessories.
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More info can also be found in the official threadat the Swedish Lolitaforum.
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Loli Buttons Questions.

I have a snazzy button maker and will be making 1 inch loli text slogan buttons to sell. (My art isn't button worthy V_V) That being said, before I make a ton of buttons I'd like to know what you guys thought about loli buttons in general.

Would you buy buttons online/ at a convention if they had lolita slogans? If so, how much would you pay?
Do you prefer PC slogans or things that are a bit spicier? (i.e. "Lolitas are Lovelies" and "Petticoat Mafia"  vs. "Bite my FRILLY ass.")
Would you buy fandom buttons? (I.e. "Metamore Forevermore" and "I dream of Irongate")

Any other comments would be appreciated.
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NYC Gothic Theme Meet - Snaps

On June 27th over 20 of us got together for our Gothic theme meet at the Cloisters museum in Manhattan. As I've mentioned to some, it was my last meet-up here in NYC and I had a great time at it. It was wonderful seeing all of you and the great looks you put together, getting to hang out with friends and meeting new folks too, especially in such a lush, beautiful setting.

After the meet itself, we headed back outside and stratamander got some casual snaps out in the park area surrounding the museum.

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oh my god, shoes!

Hi girls!
I'm pretty a newbie here, and mostly don't know nothing how to search, so please forgive me my silly question!

I'm planning to buy a new pair of shoes, since last time's Annahouse pairs was quite a huge failure.
Since I'm really short on money, I'd rather choose something replika-like, cheap, but still in a sufficient quality:)

I was thinking about bodyline's heartbuckle ones, and since over 9000 lolita have them, might I ask for some quality details?

Any help is really appreciated!
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Lolita Locales in Boston?

So, as many loli ask what is there lolita-related in NYC. What is lolita in Boston?

Tried using the search, but I got Boston meetups, Boston bags, Boston group orders, and Boston loli communities that haven't updated recently. Nothing incredibly helpful...
From my understanding, and skimming random posts, there is a store, Sasuga, that sells GLB's? And there is possible an Asian mall?