July 6th, 2009

Lord and Lady: A special gothic lolita couple photoshoot.

We did this last April. Our friend who's taking up journalism has written an article for an entertainment newspaper about j-fashion and she asked us to give her sets of photos. We're supposed to work with a photographer but due to conflicts with schedule, we did self photography instead. TRIPOD POWER DESU!

Photography: Yours truly, © Justine Chantelle Abad 2009
Models: me and my friend, Amaru
Venue: My friend's house at Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines

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Looking for events to do at a con!

Hey egl! Ok before I ask, yes I already looked in the memories and although they helped I need ideas that are more varied and specific than a tea party .

Here goes: My cosplay group ( don't freak out yet!) is hosting a fairly new con in Orlando florida this coming November, and being the sole loli in the group they asked me to host a lolita-themed event. The issue I have is that someone else claimed "tea party rights" to do an un-birthday alice in wonderland themed event. :-/ Besides tea party I came up with a mini crafting session ( i.e. making brooches, hairclips, headresses things of that sort), a showing of a visual kei movie or shimotsuma monogatari, swap meet (considering there would be enough lolis to swap with >_<, making nosegays ( little flower bouquet with flowers according to what emotions the maker wants convey), photo session with an archway of flowers, mini skulls, whatever I can find......and thats all I can come up with for now.
Does anyone have any other ideas, should I take some activities out, or should I push the con chairman to merge the un-birthday teaparty with a loli event? I'm just a little overwhelmed, it'll be my first time hosting a event that isn't among my usual loli group in miami and I'm flying in from Chicago to host it . >_

Lolita photography: Summer skies

Another photoshoot post.

I missed photoshoots so much so I had a self-shoot last June. I was loving the umbrella I just bought recently too. The dress I bought a year ago at a local thift shop. It was really a lucky find. It only costs 50php(1USD). What a steal. XDD

Photography, styling, model: © Justine Chantelle Abad 2009

Please do visit my deviantart too:


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NEW Bodyline items! Yippee.....? o_O

So I thought I would let everyone on egl know that Bodyline has new items. There was a post not too long ago on how Bodyline could better their image to possibly become a brand. Too bad Bodyline doesn't have an LJ so they could be informed... :/


I must say that I am still impressed with there new OP's and JSK's, but what are these feathery items!?

Just thought I would let you girls know!

Here's my IW LP

I know people have been waiting to see what was in the IW LP's, so here's mine that I got today!
I was so surprised when I got my IW LP today, since they only were supposed to start sending them out two days ago, and there's no way it could get to me that fast! So I suppose they sent it a bit earlier than they were meant to, and I didn't get any shippning notification either... But here it is anyway!

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Model Call: Runway Fashion Show at Innocente Seraphim!

InnoSera is currently in negotiations with a major lolita brand to bring them to the US for the convention. If/when they sign (and it does look promising!), a runway fashion show will be part of their programming, among other things. The brand will be providing the clothing and accessories for the show. If you are a Japanese size M (American size 4 to 6), are attending InnoSera, and would like to model for this event please contact Lime at contact@innocenteseraphim.com. Email the following info:

a) picture of yourself
b) please provide your body proportions in inches please
* height
* waist measurements
* bust measurements
* shoulder measurements

This fashion house is very specific on sizes. Please do not contact Lime if you are “almost a size 6”, can “squeeze” into a 6, or will diet to a “size 6”. (Sorry! These are the brand's rules, not ours.) We are looking for 8 models and we will have hair and make-up artists on-site for the fashion show.

The general measurements we're looking for are as follows:
Bust: 32 to 34.5 inches/83cm - 88cm
Waist: 25.2 inches/64 cm
Hips: 35.8 inches/91 cm (But the hips have a lot more freedom since it's, you know, lolita.)

We will announce the guest designer as soon as the contract is signed, so stay tuned!

PS: As a heads-up, pre-registration ends July 17th. Pre-registered attendees get access to Friday night events at the hotel. Attendees who get tickets at the door will not get access to these events.

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Angry Alex mode!

Picture + scan request

After much failure going through search and the memories, I might as well ask here.

Anybody have any pictures of mini crowns that are either metal (these are amazing) or leather? I don't want any beaded crowns, please.

Also I know there are tutorials on how to make them other than this one. If you can help out, that would be awesome, as well.

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Gothic Lolita in the AntiCraft

The new lughnasad issue of the AntiCraft webzine has an article on how to make "Gothic Lolita" aprons.
The pictures are not necessarily Gothic Lolita in terms of the fashion style, but the tutorial is incredibly detailed and very easy to understand. I guess what they're going for is that juxstaposition of something that is supposed to be girly and sweet(cooking) vs something that is dark/violent etc. Gothic Lolita or not, I like the design of the apron in general.

Also, they list Malice Mizer as the suggested listening...;)

Anyways, here's the link to the Webzine

Knee-high Lolita boots?

I'm looking for knee-high (at least 36cm high) dark-coloured boots suitable for wearing with classical lolita (and maybe an occasional sweet one). Does such a thing exist?

I quite like some of the black boots on this taobao store but even with ribbons, they don't seem ladylike enough to be worn with classical lolita. And I don't want white ones because I just know I'd get them ruined.

Advice and example pics are much appreciated!