July 5th, 2009


Question Regarding Parasols

So...my friend actually just broke my Meta parasol while playing with it when I wasn't looking. It's not terrible damage; he didn't break the pole, but he busted two of the stretchers. This one is actually not at all that old, so I'd rather not have to buy a new one. I was just wondering if any of you ladies know where I would be able to get one fixed before I go out to try to obtain a new one.
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momosfairytaleworld anyone?

I did a search for this ebay user but couldn't find any reviews here. If anyone has bought from them can you please post pictures of their work after being delievered? I'm very curious on their quallity.

Thank you very much <3

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Who's Coming to Innoncente Seraphim + Question

I was just wondering if anyone on here is coming to Innocente Seraphim in August? Anyone going to be in AA? or Dealer's maybe? I'm really interested in getting a preview of what kind of Vendors will be there, since it is the first year of the convention.

and a Question: for those who have signed up for AA, what is the amount of time to be expected for someone to get back to you about tables? I have sent everything in and now I'm just waiting to pay...... I'm coming in from Vancouver, BC, and need to start budgeting for me and the friend that is coming. I've tried e-mailing them via the contact info on the site, and even left a message on the number on the site, but nothing so far :(

anyone having a similar problem? I think it's just because they're busy with preparations and all... but I'm getting rather concerned seeing how my group has been cramming for the past 3 weeks to get stuff done for this convention.

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sewing project advice please ^^*

I need some advice for two sewing projects I'd like to tackle, but am not sure where to go with them...

First! I bought a dress from The White Peacock at Acen last year (yeah yeah, I know, there's my first problem). I bought it before I actually dove into the Lolita world and read the rules and everything, so I didn't realize just how un-Lolita the dress itself really is. Anyway, here is the dress I bought (sorry for the bad pic, I just threw it on for a quick pic ^^*). One of my biggest problems with it is the length. It's WAY too short (**shakes fists at her long legs that don't help the problem**), and I'm not sure how a skirt underneath it would work, or if I should try ripping out the gathered spots or what.. It really doesn't flare out much either (and I can't even put a petti underneath it because it's too short for my petti without having to hike it up to my chest ^^*). My other problem with it is the neckline. The way that it's built, it's more of an off-the-shoulder dress, or at least that's where it sits most comfortably. I can't even wear a blouse underneath it--the only one I have (which amazingly enough I got from them too and absolutely LOVE it) is short sleeved, and the sleeves are puffy and don't fit well with the shoulders of the dress (not to mention the shoulders of the dress slide off my shoulders enough to where you can see where the sleeves attach to the blouse on my shoulders -.-).
Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to make this dress more Lolita? Or is it a lost cause? Has anyone else gotten this dress and altered it to make it actually fit Lolita fashion (pics please!)?

Second! I have two yards of 45" Sailor Moon fabric (pic--plushie there for pattern sizing reference), and I'm not quite sure what to do with it! I really want to turn it into some sort of crazy Lolita something, but I don't know what the fabric would work well for, given how busy/loud it is. I was thinking of maybe turning it into a skirt, but I don't know if I have quite enough to make a full enough skirt; I was also thinking of maybe turning it into a jsk, or maybe use this for the front panel of a jsk with black fabric for the rest, but I'm not sure how it would look. Any suggestions?

Not so girly men

Hello. Can anyone give me suggestion or ideas on how to dress a guy that is not very "girly" A lot of what I find online and in the memories is girls asking for tips on how to dress like little boys. I have a friend who wants to dress up with me but he is far from the feminine figures you see in Kera or the GLB. He's tall and muscular with broad shoulders and a thin waist. I just don't think kodona would suit him since he really doesn't look like a child. At the same time I am kind of clueless with men's fashion. Can anyone help me out?

Also, yes I have looked online and in the memories. Most of what I find is the kodona style. Thanks.


I was just wondering if anyone has bought from her/ used her shopping service before. She has great feedback on eBay and she says she does shopping services so I was thinking of using her for to buy lots of things from the AP sale. Any feedback would be great as i'm about to give her a rather large chunk of my hard earned money >.<.

Thanks in advance

What Kind of Lining Fabric? and naming

I was really glad to see all the nice places people listed on tinycircus's question about fabric, but I have bought some nice quality fabric that I want to use for making skirts and things, and I was wondering what type of fabric is typically used for lining brand items. Do your skirts, dresses, and jumperskirts come with typical shiny smooth lining fabric, or are they lined with cotton/broadcloth-y kind of fabric? I want to be making the best quality items I can, so I'd appreciate the advice!

As a quick side question, which name for a brand do you think would be more memorable, likeable, and pretty: "Lucia" or "Lucy's Looking-Glass"?

Thank you!

Bodyline sale

so Bodyline is having a 0 shipping fee sale if your order is over $50 (or any other currency equivelent).

anyway, has anyone ordered recently?

When does the sale actually kick in?

I went to pay and went all the way before completing the transaction and the 0 shipping didn't apply. I don't want to order until I know it'll work so I don't spend all my money (need to pay cell bill!)

Solved! Asia only how lame is that?!
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