July 4th, 2009

IW lucky packs

It seems the big lucky packs from IW are available again..
And there is an information that they are going to be sent out in the end of July.

Now, when I ordered my LP I'm quite sure they said it's going to be sent from the 4th to the 11th of July. Could someone confirm me on that? It would be really bad, if my lucky pack got sent in the end of July because I'm going to be out of the country..
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1st pic post + some questions

So I've been making this wa-lolita dress for a while now, and I recently finished it. I put it on and took a few pics since I still have a few kinks to work out and I wanted EGL's opinion on it before I go ahead. Below are some pics. Forgive me for not showing my face and the horrible quality of the pics.

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I've been wondering for a month or so about this. I received the URL in a comment on my wordpress blog.
Does anyone have any more information about it? It seems to have posts written from the viewpoint of the Lady of Manners (cupcake_goth ) and an article about NYAF, but I've not heard anything via cupcake_goth 's blog about this site.
Any info would be awesome.

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Bodyline Shoe Question

I was reading on egl that Bodyline's shoes run a bit big and was wondering if anyone had this particular pair and could tell me how they ran.
I'm a size 8 so I'm assuming I'd need either a 25 or a 25.5 but when I measure my foot it is 24cm ^.^;
I hope someone can help, thanks!
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How do you wear these JSKs without looking like you're wearing pajamas? :O

So my first thought when I saw some of Bodyline's new JSKs, particularly this style and this style, was that they looked like pajamas, and I wouldn't buy them in a million years. But I have to admit that my resistance is weakening! XD They ARE cute...

I'm curious - has anyone bought either of these JSKs? I mean, I do like them, but I'm having a hard time picturing how they would work in a lolita ensemble. I imagine they would work well with hime lolita outfits, but even then, they're just soooo...pajama-ish. O_. I'm worried that I won't be able to pull them off without looking like I just jumped out of bed.

Thoughts? Tips? Photos of your coordinates? Free candy? I'll take 'em.

Edit: alicesyndrome summed up my worries about wearing these JSKs perfectly: "I'm afraid it'll look like I'm doing some sissy age-play crap."
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Let's see some retro loli coordinates!!

Hey all. I was watching Grease on TV this afternoon, and was just thinking about how fabulously the styling of the 1940s, 1950s, and (some of) the 1960s fits into the lolita silhouette! I was looking at the memories for any traces of retro lolita, but all I could find were stock coordinate pictures. I'd like to see some coordinates! Any takers? It's something I'd like to do in the future, but I need some inspiration.

Sewing Post - gimme some love!

It's only two months until our biggest anime convention for the year... and I'm totally just working on lolita stuff that's "just for fun", rather than my cosplays that were planned since last year XD

I bought this fabric the last time I went to Sydney Road. It's just so... grey tartan! What's not to love? I actually bought enough to make a JSK (since I'm still wibbling over the Infanta green tartan JSK), but then I started thinking I needed more work-friendly stuff. So, that narrowed me down to either a pencil or a box-pleated skirt.

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The most awesome thing about this skirt, though, is that if I run out of time on the stuff I'm working on, I can do a quick Persona 4 cosplay, just by hemming it up higher XD;
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quality fabric ... ?


i am searching for thick, durable, high-quality fabrics and such for lolita sewing at home. any particular websites? please lend me a hand, dears! 

(edit): also, what is the best material for lolita attire? i like soft, and thick, and cozy. i hope i am not a pest! are there any sites in existence dedicated solely to sewing handmade lolita fashions?
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Kodona Style

One of my friends wants to get started with some clothing in the kodona fashion, but we have no idea where to start and where to look.

This seemed like the best place to ask.

Anyone know of any good sites either selling items or elaborating what it's all about?

McCall's Costumes: M5414 & (Oh, No) Photo Request


Sorry for the bother, but I'm altering this pattern and was curious as to what anybody thought about the sleeve style. I'm at a loss; do I make a jsk, leave it, make it longer, or use another pattern to make puffy sleeves (short, or puffy then with long sleeves)? whether I should make the sleeves like this or this or just a jsk? It'll be hime-lolita. (:

Also, I'm looking for pictures of any clothing items with:
-music notes
-grosgrain ribbon

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(no subject)

Does anyone know if these bodyline shoes run big? My foot measures 23cm almost exactly, but since I have feet/ankle problems, I want to be extra careful.

I checked the memories and didn't see anything about these specific shoes, but know others can run big so I thought I'd ask before ordering. Thanks!
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