July 3rd, 2009

Ordering from grandbazar

Has anyone here had experience ordering from http://www.grandbazaar.jp without a shopping service? I did a search on egl and found a comment entry that said that it is possible to order if you write to them in Japanese. I can't find an email address for grandbazaar so I'm not sure how I'm suppose to communicate with them (I am aware that they are not "officially" delievering overseas, I just want to know if they might be "unofficially" open to overseas orders). If you have had experience with their online shopping system, please let me know. Thank you for your help!
Sailor Moon - censored

egl_comm_art - Congrats to our latest winner, and new contest announcement!

Greetings from one of the mods over at egl_comm_art!
We're a community based around Lolita artwork, a friendly place to post your work and get helpful critiques (or if you just want to share artwork you did without fear of being torn apart by the non-art community ;)). As always, we're welcoming all skill levels, and all levels of completion for posted pieces (you can't post sketches on egl, but you sure can over at egl_comm_art)!
I've added a new tag for commissionable artists! Each member has to create an intro before posting their art to the community, and one of the fields in the intro is asking if the artist is available for commissions. Each of these intros is tagged !commissionable. If anyone is looking for commissions, go ahead and check out our artists!

In addition to being a great place to show off your mad art skillz and ask for help and suggestions, one of the things that we're doing to keep the community active is having art contests!

Congratulations to our latest winner for June's theme Fanart: carbonidiot with Graveyard Rose! Their piece will become part of the new layout soon (as soon as Finch gets to it ^^*).
Thank you to all of you that came over to vote for a winner!

New contest - Lolita Fashion Police! - Everyone knows Lolita has a TON of rules, and everyone knows from browsing egl that there's a LOT of "That's not Lolita!". So the task for this one would be to display this somehow, very obviously. It can be anything from a Lolita version of a police officer, dressed like she's going to go bust some people who's skirts break the rules, to someone who's deliberately breaking the rules (I'm picturing a Lolita with a ruler and a pair of scissors, hacking her skirt to be above the 4" mark), or a combination (a member of the Lolita Fashion Police busting someone for their fashion wrongdoing).
- Entries must include a picture fitting in with the above description, a Lolita Fashion Police badge, and an icon featuring said badge.
- The winner will receive a three month minimum feature in the community profile, as well as a garment (to be discussed between the winner and wonderfinch) with their Lolita Fashion Police badge embroidered on it.
- Deadline for submissions is September 30th at midnight (PST)
Please see the original post for more information!

Other currently running competitions:
July theme - Elements
- Deadline for submissions: July 28th at midnight (PST)
- Prize: Winning piece will be adapted into the community layout
Contest #2 - LOLitas
- Deadline for submissions: August 31 at midnight (PST)
- Prize: Winner will receive a wood-burned jewelry box commissioned by evilcatsterer and a feature in the community layout

As always, if anyone has any items they wish to donate as a contest prize, please contact evilcatsterer or wonderfinch! One of us would be happy to do a commission for you as a thank you for donating. ^^

You must be a member in order to enter any of the contests (obviously). If you're interested in becoming a member, please see our community rules here.

Oslo Lolita meetup

Then there's time for a new lolita meetup in norway..

This time the trip goes to botanisk hage in Oslo. We'll meet at Oslo S (under the big clock) at 15:30, then we will walk /take the subway up to botanisk hage where there will be picnic and probably some pictures taken and such.

Hope as many lolitas as possible will meet up :)


Why UPS sucks just as much as DHL

Lately I' ve been reading a lot of horror stories about bodyline orders gone haywire and girls getting ripped off by DHL and their hidden fees.

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TL;DR - UPS SUCKS. I officially have no money. FML.

Relevant because I never paid attention to the fact that FanplusFriend ships with both EMS, UPS and TNT. It would be wise to
tell them to ship your package with EMS (?no hidden fees so far) next time you shop there.

I don't think there's much information about this. Cidsa & Maetel9 mentioned it, but it seems like the general attitude is DHL=BAD, everything else= GOOD. Feel free to delete if you think otherwise, mods.