July 2nd, 2009

Awesome Brand Collaborations?

Ok, so not everyone likes the idea of having Hello Kitty on their BABY, so what brand collaborations would you like to see? Bonus points for implausibility.

I would empty my whole damn savings account for AATP x Silent Hill. A border print with dead Robbies or something.


Snow Falls At Night Is Now Open!

Dear EGL members,
I would like to take this time to let you know that Snow Falls At Night has re-opened for business!
On the site, you will find links to new features and a new shopping system; hopefully things will be a bit easier then before(^^;)

The team at Snow Falls At Night is back and hopefully you'll be glad to have them back!

The stock is small at the moment but we update every Friday with new items!
Be sure to sign up for contests; when they happen, this is your chance to win big!

And oh!
Did I forget to mention?
This re-opening week only ( until the 8th of July 2009 ) everything in the store is 15% off!!

So please, come look, and tell me what you think of the new site ^^
Snow Falls At Night



catreece wings

Character print in Lolita?

In relation to a post a few below (this one), has anyone ever made their own coordinates using character prints? How about accessories? I'm talking Disney, Spongebob, anime, Nintendo, etc. There's character printed fabric all over the place--of varying quality, I know, some of it may not be suitable for Lolita, but has anyone ever made anything using said fabric?
Please post pics if you have anything!
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One for the Brits... Shopping idea?

Today my BF's wonderful dad took me shopping! Yes its sounds strange, but he's a wonderful man and let me wander around Primark for about half and hour or more looking for light summery clothes. (The UK is currently going through a heat wave!)
Well he knows what I liek and was helping me... The store we were in has some lovely light cotton skirts. They are quite full and come in a range of colours. He spotted a loverly knee length charcoal grey skirt with an embroidered scalloped hem. It was just my size and looks lovely. It is lined, but easily taken out and would look lovely with a cute cardie and a petti undernieth.
I just thought I'd let the rest of my fellow Brits (and anyone visiting the country), that Primark has some lovely skirts that could be worn (possibly with some slight adaption) for lolita outfits. Some are more casual, but are very pretty. And under £20 a skirt its not too bad either.

First Post to EGL! And a question...

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I am looking for Victorian or Edwardian (or resembling) hair bows (not the big AP ones popularised in Japan), the ones you would wear in a Pollyanna (hair half up, half down), as well as Victorian button up boots. So if any of you have any ideas where I could buy it online or how to make one, please let me know.

As soon as I get my ensemble together, I will have pictures for all of you! :) よろしくお願いします, そしてたのしみ!

Lolita dresses sizes ??

I need some help. im looking to order a Moi Meme Motie dress and the japanese sizes are cofuseing me...

I wear a sm to a med in a tshirt,Size 7 in jeans and a med in skirts and my bust Size is a 34B

So im wondering what size to get ?

Please help me >< thank u ^ ^
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(no subject)

I was hopeing I could get some help, you see I live in va and I'm in the sova comunity but everyone in it seems to live on the east side which wouldn't be much of a problem if I lived a little closer in but I live as far south and as far west as it could get [other than being in johnsan city]
so I would probly get more use from a communite in tennessee, kentucky, or north carolina
could you tell me where find a communtty
[sorry it seemed pretty clear to me without that last bit,but than again I'm the person asking the queistion]
xeniph pic

I am in need of photos!

First of all, thank you all so much for contributing your wonderful comments to my article research! I'd like to include pictures of different ways people incorporate loli into their school clothes, and I find myself short on pictures of the following:

*Pictures of someone in a school uniform incorporating loli. (Wearing a petti under a skirt, using a bolero or bows, maybe even just a necklace, stockings or shoes?)
*Someone in relatively normal clothes with a few loli accessories thrown in
*Someone in a cute--but not really loli--school outfit (this last will be used to show that not all lolis feel they have to/want to wear loli to school)

If anyone could get me pictures like this, even if you have to take them for the occasion, I would be extremely thankful! Otherwise, the pictures representing those categories will end up being pictures of me...and you do NOT want that! XD

Thank you for any help you can give. (Even if you could point me to a post on another comm that might serve my purposes.)


The Chiken or the Egg?

The idea behind the Title is what came first? What did you start out with buying or how did you get your first Loli item. Did you come from a rich background and get big items? Come from a poor background and get small and save? What started your collection?

First post, metamorphose lucky pack

Hi everyone
This is my first post on egl. 
I got my lucky pack today which was actually my first.
This is what I got and I love it.
Im also up for meeting some new friends. I dont really know anyone else personally that likes this fashion.



In case some of you don't stalk Maruione's website as obessively as I do ...

Maruione Online is having a Sparkling Sale for the summer as of July 2 (now). Prices range from 30%-50% off, and that is NUTS GOOD, guys, as a lot of the items have gone from 'ouch' to 'OH I CAN AFFORD THIS BUGGER MY WALLET'. This includes things like Angelic Pretty JSKs going for 50% off guys jesus christ, even if it isn't one of their most popular dress styles.

You can start with the sale-items only page here, which I can't recommend enough - even if a lot of it is gyaru or Shibuya-casual, a lot of items are definately loliable or loli-casual. If you're looking for brand specifics, use the site menus to specifically search within individual brand pages. Sale items are of course marked in red.

Also, several Yosuke lolita shoe styles are on sale, dropping the prices down to Secret Shop-esque numbers for structural quality that is stunning. Those pumps have killer heels, can be used to hit a creepy weeaboo stalker between the eyes, and still last you long after you graduate from whatever school you're in now.


ETA: Congrats egl, I think we are officially a big comm enough that we are breaking Maruione's website. Deep breaths, and let's stagger traffic! Because most of the 70% off Angelic Pretty accessories sold out the moment they went live, I think. ._____.

Where does it come from?

So as we all know by now lolita clothing is extremely expensive. I just wanted to know how everyone was getting the money to buy their wardrobes? Im to young for a job so I usually just save up allowance and sell plushies and art on the side. I would really like to hear from younger lolitas like myself about this also.Thank you for reading.=^ __ ^=
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English GLB #6??

Has anyone heard anything on this? Are we getting one or is the magazine done for?

I heard some rumors about the it being canceled, but nothing substantial. It also doesn't help that the page on TokyoPop for the magazine hasn't been updated for over a year.
Sophitia pink

Looking for this bag >_

Hello ^^ Does anyone know what bags like this are called and where can I get them? I am looking for a cute everyday/uni bag but all I find are boring messenger bags, maybe with a print. Also do you think those bags can hold more than a couple of books? Oh, and how much would you spend for a bag like that?

Thanks in advance for an advice!