July 1st, 2009

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World's Tiniest Pups in Cups replica and it's World's Most Frustrated Creator(jk)

So, I'm trying to surprise my sister with a replica of Baby's World's Most Loveliest Dog and World's Most Delicious Strawberry Frappe(I'm not very far yet as you can tell) for her doll.  My problem is I've run into a wall as I'm having a hard time finding pictures of the print.  I have checked the flickr stock photos pool but aside from the print samples by Baby and a few others I've been unable to find detailed pictures, particularly of the bottom and top of the print.  I know there's a phrase, probably in franglish on the dress too but have only seen a couple letters of this.

Can anyone that owns the dress help fill in the gaps for me?  It would mean so much to both me and my sister.
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Finally managed to get some pictures of the Wa-risocrat outfit that I wore on Saturday to the local Sakura festival and thought I'd post them here to see what you ladies thought.

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Also a question, do you ladies find it awkward when a guy shows up to a meet dressed up but not with a lolita friend? I ask because I went to a meet on Saturday with a friend of mine who was wearing Kodona and I was wearing the outfit above and got the feeling that we weren't particularly welcome. Any thoughts? I'd love to attend more meets but not if I'm going to make people feel awkward.
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English Gothic Lolita Bible

I've seent the scans for the japanese ones but can anyboy scan the american Gothic lolita bible? All of the ones that came out maybe : ) Thanks in advance!

seeing as this is causing mayhem, i'll should have been more specific in saying that all i was looking for was this one page in the gothic lolita bible that i couldn't find in the japanese one.  It was pictures of this red dress with candy pockets i believe and i can't remember if its baby, the stars shine bright or angelic pretty.  It was an add for the other products in the company. I do happen to own all the gothic lolita bibles and it just so happens i don't have them with me so i needed this ONE picture :/

Photo Request

Oh sweet jesus, another one of these posts.

I might have seen it once before, in floral, but no specific Brand is remembered/needed.
Okay, what i'm going for is a high waisted skirt or dress. But the high waisted material is a different fabric altogether from the actual skirt. Imagine a corset/boustier is worn but sewn to the skirt. and preferably not a corset-y material.
Thank you SO much ahead.

any photos are appreciated.

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Bodyline question

I was wondering if anybody here owns/has seen in RL this Bodyline blouse? I'm thinking of buying it, but I have some doubts about the color. Is it really as light as it looks? Or is it a usual sax blue you can find in the majority of sax blue lolita clothes? The material too looks to me more as the material cutsews are made of...
Maybe I'm worrying too much, but I just wanted to make sure before saddling myself with an item I can't coordinate...

Answered, thank you!

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Newlook 6805

click for fullsize

Just a headsup for those of you who look for loliable patterns.
This is from pattern Newlook 6805.
I made the straps a little wider. Also, instead of using the tapered/shaped skirt pattern piece they provided, I cut a flat rectangle with a bit more width (like a typical lolita skirt)... but I used the pleating guide that the pattern provided. Pretty easy to put together!
<3 Goodluck!
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AWA and Lolita Meetings

This is my very first post on egl =^ . ^= !<3 Sooooo I was wondering how everyone went about organizing lolita meetings. I currently live in Georgia and have only come across one other lolita in my entire 7 years of living here and I really wanted to meet some more and have no idea how to do this since i dont already know any other lolitas in my area. Any suggestions? I was also wondering if anyone here would be attending AWA :0 . I know it's a ways away(September =T . T=) but just curious.Thank you for reading =^__^=.
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Does anyone know or has anyone seen how these look worn? I honestly think the ones that come in headbands look a bit stupider as they tend to stand tall and stiff, unlike these, which are tied under your chin; but since these bows have those long hanging fabric things with lace sewn at the edge, I wanted to know if that would look just as ridiculous/not so ridiculous/not ridiculous at all before I buy one of these. Does anyone own this particular bow design, or one like these ones? What can you tell me about them?

Thanks for your help, pretties!

...and thanks for the ones who helped me in the platforms issue! I'm getting some... pretty modest ones by Secret Shop, finally, lawl.

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One can't help but be suspicious of Cosmates when they're selling FanPlusFriend items for more than the F+F store sells them at. Has anyone bought F+F through Cosmates and noticed a difference? Perhaps in quality? Packaging? Something else? How do the two compare? Is ordering through Cosmates bettter in some way, or are they just trying to rip people off... as usual? :/
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