June 30th, 2009

Work at Anime Expo

I know this is a bit late, but I figure I will ask here anyway. My friend is looking for someone to help him at his booth at Anime Expo. He will need your help all 3 days ( July 2-5). For your help you will get a 3 day badge and 20% commission on sales you make. He is looking for someone who is attractive and personable. I know that seems a bit shallow, but your job will be his cute sidekick who can bring in sales from the guys. You must not be shy, and you must feel comfortable starting conversations and flirting with strangers and fans. He does have a fan base, so you must also be Ok with having your picture taken with/by him all day. As far as what you will wear: Lolita is great! Nothing too over the top, but cute is good. Pirate lolita will be even better!
Here's his web site
And if anyone follows " The Devil's panties", he is The Pirate in the comic.
Please reply only if you are interested and are available to work. Also, please have a pic you can send me. I will give you his phone number to contact him once I know you are available to work.

Fairy Rock Angel - New lolita online-shop

I just wanted to introduce a  my new Lolita clothing brand and it's online shop: Fairy Rock Angel.

(I hope this is allowed here, I didn't find secific infos for that in the rules)

The URL is: www.fairyrockangel.de

There is an english version, too and we ship everywhere in the world.

There is also a myspace profile under here:  www.myspace.com/fairyrockangel

Metro Con Lolita jewlery seller? (answered! thank you ^^)

I am looking for the website/contact info of a seller.
I was at MetroCon this year and in the dealers and there was some very cute lolita jewelry for sale. (Candy, whipped cream, cupcake kinda things) I picked up a business card that was at the table, but I lost it somewhere along the way and cannot remember the name on the card or website.

It seemed to be sharing a booth that also sold SteamPunk accessories. (Outland Armour perhaps? I went to their site to see if there was a link but there wasn't.) But that is the only other info I have...

I saw some Lolitas at Metro this year, so I was hoping that someone here would know or would possibly be the seller.

Thank you very much!

New Baby Print: A/P circus series

I think the print looks amazing, and I'm excited to see the photos. However, both jumper and Jsk styles are, in my opinion, questionable...but then again i'm impartial to a crisscross bust surrounded by lace. I'm equally eager to see how the bubble dress works out, as there are so few bubble styles in lolita.
Overall though, I'm really in love with the print and chosen colors! Needless to say, I'm excited.

What are your thoughts?

If this has been posted already, sorry! But I don't think it has 0-o
 And if you just can't make it to your google bar: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/

Gathering Ideas for Lolita Makeup Tutorial

I'm looking to make a detailed tutorial or series of tutorials for Lolita makeup including pictures. I'm a makeup artist, so I thought I would share some of my experience with the community. What I would like to know is... what kind of tutorials do you as the community want to see in regard to makeup and cosmetic beauty? Feel free to let me know anything you would like to see, and I'll try my best to cover as many of the topics people want as possible.

At the moment I'm thinking of doing tutorials for the various styles (sweet, hime, gothic, classic, etc. etc.) while also providing tips as to how to customize the tutorial to fit individual faces and needs... but first I need to know what our diverse group of loli's needs are.

Ask away~!

Lexi <3


Final update before Anime Expo 09 begins!

This is our last entry before Anime Expo starts.

For those who wish to plan out their shopping excursion, our booth number is #960.  At the very edge of the 900's row.  Look for our balloons and seashell logo banner!

Lastly, all products will include sales tax for your convenience. Paypal payments will incur a $10 surcharge plus 4% overhead fee per PayPal transaction.

We have the latest, and the most comprehensive collection of Angelic Pretty products in North America. Come early for the best selections!