June 29th, 2009

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Art Post: Bo-Peep (with music score)

I was looking at some books in an antique store last weekend while visiting my boyfriends parents and i found an old childrens opera book which was unfortunately out of my price range but was filled with sweet pictures and music scores for nursery rhymes and such. I was completely inspired so i went for something easy for the first one.

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Angelic Pretty jworld_graphics

Angelic pretty at Japan expo

♥I think they mean they are coming to Paris ♥

★Angelic Pretty海外情報★
7月2日(木)~5日(日) の4日間フランスにて開催されるJAPAN EXPO

Google translation:
★Angelic Pretty overseas information* July 2nd (the wood) ~5 day (day) in France 4 days it participates to JAPAN EXPO which is held! Because it participates to the booth and fashion show, the case where you cross over to the vicinity coming to play by all means, don't you think? the ♪

Fetish Falls in Phoenix, AZ?

Someone I know says they just bought a lolita dress at someplace called Fetish Falls in Phoenix, AZ. I'm dubious due to the name that it will more than vaguely resemble a lolita dress once pix are posted, but I'm open to being surprised. Any Phoenix area lolis able to confirm or deny the character and merchandise of this store?

Gothic Lolita and Sewing...outside Japan?

I've heard that The Gothic Lolita Bible has an English version selling overseas...I was wondering if this was also so for Gothic Lolita and Sewing.
And if not an English version, does anyone know of places to get the Japanese versions in the States, like the State side Kinokunya's or places like that, or maybe some online service...or someone who lives in Japan that can supply me???? I have paypal...

I Love that mag and would so miss being able to get it when I return home.
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jewelry find

I was poking around Etsy for lolita stuffs and found a super cute shop called Femme Petal that sells lolita style jewelry for a reasonable price. I think the pieces are just absolutely gorgeous and would be great for classical, Rococo, romantic, or hime styles. Just thought I'd share!

What do you do with shopping bags?

I was just curious as to what egl does with their brand shopping bags. I know places like baby and meta ship their items inside two shopping bags, and bodyline packages all their items in individual bags, so in the end you have a ton of bags!

Do you throw them away? Do you collect them? Do you reuse them?

I personally save all of mine for shipping things. I have a tendency to see use in things like shoeboxes and stuff so I save those too. :3

Does anyone fuse their bags together into a purse or a tote or something? There's a good tutorial on ThreadBanger for fusing plastic shopping bags that I've been wanting to try. :D
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[Help needed] Shanghai people and places

Hello everyone!

I am leaving for Shanghai to study for a month and while I am not expected to have fun by my boss I would still want to meet people and make the most of my spare time.
So I'm looking for interesting places (lolita but not only!) and people who i can talk to while i'm there or even hang out with.

I will be in debt if you can help me as I'm going to be alone.

Thank you so much!
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Inspired by Lil Mama's latest "Lolita" (and I use that term lightly) fashion flub, what's the worst 'example' of Lolita you've ever seen?

Was it a slutty model wearing a so-called "Lolita" dress? Or a horribly innacurate article? Perhaps a crappy Halloween costume?

Please refrain from pointing out specific people such as livejournal users. That's just plain rude. No "I saw this girl on daily_lolita and she looked awful!", cause that's just plain immature, and extremely rude to person in question. So not loli!

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