June 28th, 2009

Gloves for lolis with large hands?

Gloves dont seem very common with loli things but ive seen some lace ones put up on Bodyline recently.....
and a few others on ebay. The problem is, i have huge hands.  (7.5 inches long). Anyone else have this problem? Ive tried on many pairs before, nothing seems to fit. Thanks
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Lil mama ..and the pink skirt

I can't tell if this skirt is brand, but the print looks familiar. Maybe she got it from a seller on EGL_comm_Sales.

EDIT Upon comments it has been determined that that skirt is Angelic Pretty's Magic Etoile print.

the skirt fabric is hella cute though.
and the bow/headdress can't get a good view of it but it's really cute D:

The skirt may not be lolita afterall, though I have never seen anything like THAT in urban outfitters, against all odds, and the like.
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If this is too OT please delete.
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Platform shoes

Hello there,

I'd like to request pictures of you or other girls in really monstrous or not-so-monstrous platforms! 
I decided I'll get some platforms instead of RHS since I'm really fond of the typical-gothic-loli-who-shops-in-Moitié / Moitié-Mana-in-platforms or whatever look (and have actually liked huge monster platforms since like, age 12?? I blame Mana!), so I'd like to see which platforms could be the best buy.

If you post pictures of yourself, please tell me a little bit about your tiny little shoes. :'3 Where did you get them, how expensive they were, the quality, how tall you are with and without the platforms, etc.

Or if you could tell me what it'd be best for me, that'd be fine. I'd like to look scary relatively tall, not über monster tall but tall and sleek. I am 5'5" / 1,67 cm tall.

Thank you so much!
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Lolita Wedding!!

I’m sure something similar must have been posted here before, but in light of the most recent English edition of the Lolita Bible maybe you guys have found some new inspiration!

What’s this all about? I’m talking about Lolita themed weddings! The dresses, in particular. Personally, if I was actually a bride I would never wear a Lolita dress to my wedding. But because I am such a big fan of it, it’s very possible that I’d like Lolita would carry over into my dress (something classic & beautiful, Victorian styled maybe) or decorations. The rest is all in the details, but what would you do for your Lolita Wedding? (If your married, there’s no harm in reminiscing. If unmarried, no harm in planning ahead either!)


Name Tags at AX?

 So, I was thinking about the meet-ups at AX, and I realized that since there will be so many of us there, it might be hard to keep people straight. Also, since a lot of us (read = most) are members here on egl, wouldn't it be fun to make name tags with our real names and our LJ usernames on them? I would be happy to bring name-tag making supplies to each meetup, such as sharpies, name tags, stickers, and such. It seems like this would be a really good way to connect with people, since I know a lot of people only know each other from the internet, or have trouble putting names (usernames) to faces.

I would have just posted this to la_loligoth but I know a lot of people don't check over there. Mods, feel free to delete if it's not appropriate here!
Two devils

My grandma rocks.

X3  I went to Fort Lauderdale and my grandma bought me this awesome purse.  I so wish they had it in pink, black, or even white, but this is just fine for me.  The shoulder strap is LONG and the purse has a lot of room in it.  :D

EDIT:  For those who might want one, you can get them at an indoor flea market called "The festival."  I think it's in Coral Springs.  Not too far from University Drive and Riverside.

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Final Reminder - Master List of AX Meets, Vendors and AA


Final reminder for those wondering where all the Meets and other tid bits are happening. 

 EDIT : There is a Bus confirmed to travel from LACC to Little Tokyo the majority of the afternoon. Little Tokyo is NOT A WALK AWAY. Please contact me either in the Convention, at the Dinner, via LJ, via Txt or the morning of if you would like further inforamtion on this or any of the meets I've provided here.

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