June 26th, 2009

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Copyright/Replica part2

In response to talia_speaks's discussion on copyright, replica and design theft, I did a bit of research on the Japanese lolita viewpoints.

One of the more interesting sites I came across was this Gothic and Lolita verification site. Even more interesting, they actually list examples side by side and have comments on how to tell the real/fake apart. The top part of the menu bar deals with stolen artwork, while the second part deals with stolen design. While a large portion of the site deals with Bodyline ripoffs, they aren't limited to it - example here.

I think it's possible to say that the reason why companies like Angelic Pretty are aware but not outrightly suing companies is because of sites like this. To some extent peer pressure from the customers creates a kind of self-regulation within the industry. If you copy, the customers are quick to point out make their distaste known. Also there seems to be a general....I don't know what to call it.....dislike? ostracisation? against those who wear copied designs. Some of the boards can be rather inflammatory, one of them even saying: 'If they are wearing copied lolita, then they are fake lolitas too' (wow that translated well >___>;;;) Therefore, it makes sense not to sue because the brand companies know their markets aren't going to be rushing for replicas even if they were offered to anyway.

I don't think it's a matter of flashing their brand/money though, the majority seem to think it's a matter of loyalty....to the extent that a girl who confesses to be a BABY fan and now buys Angelic Pretty says she 'feels guilty for not visiting her favourite store anymore'. I didn't ask any questions myself, but someone living in Japan can probably verify that statement.

Anyway I hope it gave you a bit of perspective from the other side about the issue. It's really interesting to say the least.
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The Juliette et Justine ordering saga (Part 1)

A few days ago, Monday to be exact, I finally set out to order my very first Lolita skirt from Juliette et Justine, following the ordering guide bypui_puni.

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On a sidenote, there is something that is still bothering me. Their staff told me that the two previous failed orders have been voided and the money should have been returned to my account by now, but the lady at my bank stated otherwise - she said that the money would only be available for use in my account within 10 days if the merchant does not withdraw or "pass" the purchase. I think that was what she meant ... So now, I have about 500+ USD which is not exactly under my control and could be taken away if the merchant decides to be untrustworthy ? (Not that I distrust JetJ, but it's not exactly a nice feeling :\ ) could any Lolitas familiar with banking enlighten me on this ?

69th Department

So I am thinking about ordering some clothes from 69th department and the only information I could find on them was about their rocking horse shoes.  Can anybody atest to the quality of their clothing?

Japanese Brand + Western Brand Quality Comparison?

I'm curious. I actually don't own any Brand clothing at all, though I've owned a few items I ended up reselling. (Didn't fit right, my style changed, that sort of thing. Never thought to actually take a close look at the quality, though.) My wardrobe is all either handmade by me (mostly older stuff, from when I didn't know as much about sewing, so not holding up that great in some cases), commissioned, or from somewhere like Target. (Which is probably about the quality level of Bodyline, I bet...)
I've heard many people state that the quality of Brand items makes them worth the price tag to them; I've also read some people disappointed by the quality for the price.

Is anyone into Western fashion enough to give a Western brand comparison? "BabySSB is usually the same quality as Brand Q." "Moitie is the quality of the more expensive stuff at Macy's." That sort of thing? Perhaps someone even into Western indies brands that are the functional equivalents of Brand as far as price, small size, etc go?

Japan Ai Book Signing and Lolita ART DEMO

Hey ya'll, I forgot to post about this earlier, but I have a book signing for my illustrated book, Japan Ai tomorrow! The book is an illustrated story about my and my girlfriends' trip to Japan including shopping for lolita clothes in Harajuku, visiting VOLKS BJD stores... and just in general exploring Tokyo and Kyoto.

Sat, June 27th @ 11am (THIS coming weekend!)
Barnes and Noble Booksellers
791 S. Main St., #100
Orange, CA 92868

I'll also be doing an art tutorial (sketch to COPIC color) at the signing.
I decided to do a lolita piece of art for it and I'll give the original art away by -Rock-Paper-Scissors- method! So please come out!

I'll be wearing this red JSK from Sweet Rococo. And hopefully I'll see some of you socal lolis at the Japan LA Party the same day, too! Please say hi! :)
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French and lolita fanzine

Dear lolitas,

We have the pleasure to present our "fanzine" (magazine), conceived by our French association "Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban". The fanzine is written both in french and english for our english spoken members.

From the 2nd july till 5th july, it will be on sales in our stand "empire des dentelles" at the exhibition Japan Expo.

The fanzine is also available at Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Paris shop. The first 10 buyers will receive a small gift included with the fanzine.

Brief description of the fanzine:



It contains 24 pages. Colourful cover with contents printed in white and black ink and different bright illustrations (from François Amoretti, Heiwa, Hatsumi no baka, Luana...), a short biography of François Amoretti and an exclusive interview of Kokusyoku Sumire

The fanzine will be published every 3 months and if you are abroad and you wish to buy one, it may be ordered on the our LJ. HERE ^_^

Finally we also sell postal cards and small accessories.

Now let's go for some pics!

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Hello Kitty and BTSSB

Have you noticed the recent Hello Kitty and BTSSB collaboration?


I know they have done Charmy Kitty items in the past... and the dress is really cute, but the idea of wearing a Hello Kitty lolita dress just seems kind of weird to me xD I can't even explain why I don't like it... just something about having a famous character on my lolita bothers me :S

I am interested to know what you all think about it :3

traveling clothes...

the other day i was thinking about how much lolita clothes get around.  i mean a great deal of it's been made in japan then sent overseas, bu some things on the sales comm seem to be shipped all over... [something bought in japan-> shipped to us->sold to europe->sold to us]  which has led me to believe that some lolita clothing items travel wayy more than average people... the furthest travelling thing i own [not counting the original trip from japan] was a skirt made in the us-> shipped to Britain-> shipped back here. [but because i'm living in japan for a year from august on a lot of my stuff will be world travelers]

does anyone here have any world travelling clothes that they know about? stories would be awesome! [it would be so cool  if anyone had like 5 different countries]
also this gave me an idea of "where's loli"- imagine having a site like where's george [look it up on google if you haven't seen it yet =] but with lolita items- of course i couldn't do this, but if anyone wants to make one i won't sue you haha
any thoughts?

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