June 25th, 2009

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Because the pictures on the blog are too small, I can't tell which material the following BSSB bow is made from:

Roseline Head bow

It looks like velvet, and if it is velvet I'd be very happy to buy it!

Please help me and sorry for the annoying selfish post ^^'

Thank you so much in advance!
Deal with it.

Otakon Swap Meet?

Would anyone be interested in attending a swap meet at otakon? I intend to plan one for sometime during the weekend, however I'm waiting on the convention schedule to actually come up with a time to have it.

I thought we could meet over in one of the lobbies of the new Hilton next to the BCC, that way if people want to exchange money then they can. We can sell/trade lolita items, take pictures, and meet other lolitas. I figure that this is a good way to have a meetup without taking away too much of everyone's con time lol.

So let me know if you would be interested in attending a side event like this! Thanks.

Lavender Coordinates?

Hello egl~!

I just bought my first brand dress! (>w<) It's lavender, and I'm trying to think of a way to coordinate it! I haven't received the dress yet, since I just paid last night, but I'd love to have ideas before it gets here so once it arrives I can put a cute outfit together. ^-^ This is the dress, so if you have any coordinates with the actual dress that would be awesome too!



So show me your adorable lavender coordinates girls!
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Hello girls!
I was doing some reading about being penpals with people. I would like to have penpals too! If anyone wants to be penpals, you may comment or message me. Even if you live across the world! I'd like to know peoples different cultures and activities.

Thank you~
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IW Lucky pack payment comformations?

Just wondering how long it took people to get theirs? 
I ordered the ¥26,300 pack and then they sent me my invoice on the 17th and i paid the next day since this i have heard nothing from them. From my experiences with IW before  have found them to be quite slow with sending out information but not this slow.
Looking other posts people seem to have gotten their payment conformations a while ago. I'm wondering if they are acctually going to send me it or not.

Should i e-mail them about this? Or am i just overreacting?
Cupcake Lolita!

Baby Tracking Mistake!

Paging a Lady name Hillary from the US, who purchased from Baby the Stars Shine Bright in the last week...

I recieved YOUR tracking information, as well as mine. Let me know if you have recieved it or not - at the moment your package is in Chicago.

bride of frankenstein

Art Post: Lesbians and Amputees!

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I had alot of fun drawing this picture. I love it when I can do alot of detailed work. And if you like these, please come take a look at my DeviantART! Thank you!

Sorry I deleted this for a couple minutes! I was having a problem with my cut! This is my third time trying, I hope it works this time!

Edit: Eh, it seems like fixing this is proving damn near impossible (especially with my near retarded HTML skills), but at least theres not a picture outside the cut anymore. Sorry about that, folks.

looking for a wrist cuff post

hello egl! i did check the memories, just so you know. lol
not too long ago a girl posted about some wrist cuffs she had made or she made a post and it had some wrist cuffs that she had made that looked like something Angelic Pretty would make. i'd like to make some too, but i wanted her pictures for reference. could you help me find the post? They looked like they were made out of tulle and had small bows on them.

oh and it's not this one: http://community.livejournal.com/egl/13584212.html
lol, i will be using those for reference too though!

if it helps at all, at the end of the post there was a group photo of the OP and the girls she was meeting up with.  and right before that there was an accessory shot that showed her rings and the wrist cuffs she made. i also think she might have been selling them at one point...? lol i hope my mind isn't making things up... XD it might have been a daily_lolita post, but i don't know how to search there!

Thank you girls!
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Lolita Article

Yesterday a lot of you participated in my post for the article I was writing. I've included one quote from every one who submitted a reply. Because of this it's quite long haha. I wanted to write more informational stuff on the fashion but ya know... We've already got websites, guides, LJ posts, etc on all of that already. You guys have the charm, I just decided to bring that to the table instead. That and it would be a little more intimidating than it already is in length for a blog.

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