June 24th, 2009

Quick question about working in Loli..

So how do you go about bringing it up to your employer? I'm currently searching for a job (It would be retail..) and I'm not quite sure how to approach the topic once I get a job.
So I guess I'm just looking for advice? Do I just show up one day in Loli? Do I wear it to the interview?

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Two devils

Headed to Ft.Lauderdale. :D

O I am headed to the Coral Springs area tomorrow morning and will be there through Sunday.  Would there be any lolita meets or anything going on?  I am supposed to be going down to visit family but I don't know if I'll be spending every waking moment with them.  I was gonna bring a few loli things with me anyway.  ^_^ 
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bikini kill riot grrrl

Art Post : Ferdinand

I felt like drawing ferdinand yesterday, one of my favourite books as a child, and still. But Im not really into scenery or animals so of course i added a person XD haha a girl in victorian maiden dress and innocent world shoes cause they are awesome brands that dont get enough love.

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Needing frilly input...

I'll be writing a post on Lolita soon for a blog I 'work for' (haha if only I got paid! life would be sweet). I really want to get across the reasons we wear Lolita, while still keeping it light and fun to relate to the readers. So if you're interested check the cut to see what kind of info I'm looking for =) Article writing in progress.

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Starry Candy Box - one week till Anime Expo update

    With Anime Expo just one week away, we thought this would be a good time for a Starry Candy Box update.
    As promised, we have secured an extensive collection of Angelic Pretty products.  Everything you will need to build the most admired wardrobe.  Merchandise includes the most sought after accessories,  as well as the current season's exclusive prints and non-print sets.   Also, we will be carrying the just released album "Gothlolic" from the famous Japanese lolita duet 黒色すみれ (Kokusyoku Sumire).


Supplies are limited, so come early for best selection.
    Look for our booth with our new sea shell logo!

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    * If you have a customer support related question, please  contact us directly as us_info@starrycandybox.com.  As we do not conduct customer service over LiveJournal.
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If you're in Tokyo

Hello my lovelies,
I stumbled across a website and thought that I would share with people, like myself, who were previously uninformed. But apparently, my all time favorite victorian, chanson-singing, gothic duo Kokusyoku Sumire have a cafe! I did not know this! How charming it would be to enjoy the art of talented artists, and eat curry and drink tea with those two serenading you? I thought I would pass along the website for those who are vistiing Japan and would like to stop by and say hello to them. Tell them Cocoachan sent you!
Sumire no Tenmado - http://www.kokusyokusumire.net/tenmado/