June 21st, 2009

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Most Unique Print or Pattern?

With all the fun discussion/poll questions lately, I thought I'd add my own: what is the most unique/interesting print you've sewn with or bought?

For me, it's probably the Regency Skull print I used to make an Ero outfit for the recent Lolita Day meet-up. The runner-up would be tiger print poofy shorts I made for a ""Tiger Prince"-ish sort of look to go to an animal theme party. (Both of these photos come from our very own nashiko: Thank you!)

lunagypsy over in sew_loli also just posted some super-cute unicorn fabric.

So how about you? :)
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Loli to be needs some help~ >w

Hi there, loli to be here. >w< I've been into lolita fashion for a while, and I decided I would really like to purchase some clothes (yay for upcoming birthdays~). I found a link to the website In the Starlight, and I was wondering if it's a good place to buy some clothes. The prices are cheap, which is part of what attracted me, but I'm a little worried that the quality may be cheap as well. Has anyone ever purchased from there? Any other links to online shopping sites would be great too. <3 Also, my hair is a little longer than shoulder-length, and I was wondering if anyone had any pointers for cute lolita hair. I'm not really sure what I could do with my hair. ^w^; Thanks~
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Bad Lolita Pets

So this is what 6 am chats with lolita friends does, causes such queastions to arise such as..

Has your pet ever hidden, stolen, puked on, eaten, destoryed, taken as 'theirs' one of your lolita items.

This ferret video cued this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5_Ept54Y6o *not mine I found it*, App Ferrets like to steal and hide things, and I myself have delt withthe 'tragic' loss of my first petticoat after my cat decided it would be fun to rip apart and chew on. As well as the fact that all my lolita clothes are forever covered with cat hair, because it gets everywhere.

So, What has your pet done? Hasyour ferret stolen your hair bows? Taken your jewerly and hidden it? Has your dog decided tahtyour nice new ap shoes would e just plain awesome to chew on? has your cat decided that the moment you touchthm wearing lolita would be a greattime to sneeze all over your outfit, has your hamster escaped and hidden in your purse, only for you to discover hours later.. out in public?

new bodyline jsk's and skirts



So I'm allowed to wear loli to work as long as it's not too 'huffy and pink' as put by my boss. I like to keep my outfits very clean cut and professional looking while still being nice. I've found a few sets off brand and from places like bodyline, but I was wondering if any brands did sets that would be professional appropriate! I saw a nice jacket/skirt combo but it was in plaid which is a bit too showy.

I have jackets like the below so far but I'd really like sets! i know I've seen them before but I don't remember where!


Thankyou :)

Raffle Winners!!!

May I have a drumroll please?

The winners in the five dollar category are as follows:

The winners in the two dollar category:
little_doom mini tricorn commission
ugly_kittys Rose Corsage
queenoffantasyTea sampler
neko_nesslot of three items

The winners in the one dollar category:
014589 Art commission from Momo
literaryeagle Mini-hat commission
nj_mom82 classical bead set from hyate_beads
okami_loli_chan red hair bow

A great big congratulations to all of you who won! And if you didn't win, I'm going to send out a thank you just for participating, you've all really helped out alot and I can't thank you enough! And while we're going around thanking people, lots of love to ugly_kittys for being the paypal queen.

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Hello everyone

I have a quick question ! Im going to Las Vegas in august and i want to know if there is a lolita store there >< i know there a gothic/industrial store there..but is there a lolita store idk thanks >< !!!!!!!!!
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Help with Dying Lace

I want to update a JSK I have had for a while and want to dye the white cotton lace to red. But I am not sure how to go about doing this. I have dyed lace before with fountain pen/comic artists ink, but only in small quantities for accessories. However the JSK I want to work on has a lot more lace, and I was wondering if Rit dye would work, or if I should look into something else? What won't wash out or run onto other fabric?
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Too much clothing? Or not enough space?

I've been collecting lolita pieces for a few years now and my closet is finally full. Physically full. I still want to keep building my wardrobe. So my question is this, have any of you encountered this problem and how do you deal with it? I know selling something I might not want so much any more is an option but I'm not sure if there is anything I want to sell.

Thank you!


I've still got a little bit of space yet but I'm almost out.