June 19th, 2009

Show me your +Pink

Lately some of the brands have been pairing non-pink jsks with pink blouses underneath. Like a saxXwhite jsk + pink blouse... or b&w + pink blouse. I'm not talking about jsks or sks that already have major pink accents on them., as pairing those with a pink blouse would be obvious... I'm more talking about the less obvious non-pink-jsk +pink blouse pairing.

I'd love to see more of this sort of thing! Can you please show me your +pink blouse coords! Can be from magazine adds, brand blogs or your own personal coords, etc... :)
Thanks in advance for the inspiration!
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Any lolis who attend UCSD?

Sooo...I'm on break for the summer and I should have posted this earlier in the year but I was afraid to.  I just visited my friend who attends UCI and she encouraged me to post this.  I was wondering if there are any other lolitas in what seems to be very preppy-ish and fashion concious La Jolla (from my smalltown girl point of view; not that it's a bad thing).  I've just finished my first year there and was wondering why I have only met one other loli...any more out there (or about to attend UCSD out there?)

Alice Fururun is now offering international shipping!

(If there's already a post about this, please delete this one)

One of my favourite used lolita shops just started internationally. Alice Fururun has some absolutely fantastic prices and loads of items in almost every brand and style. They also carry lots of Pink House style items, Jesus Diamante and Vivienne Westwood. Every once in a while they do these crazy sales where you can get 3 brand jsks for 5000 yen, and even then the prices are some of the lowest I've seen when compared to other places like Closet Child, Fairy Angel, and Tokyo Alice.


I have yet to order from them directly, but when I do I'll be sure to post a review!

Ita...Lolita! Line-time

Over the years, I feel like I have personally improved on my lolita coordinates and developed a better sense for putting together a good outfit. I wanted to show my progression over the years. What about all the other lolitas out there? Show me your lolita evolution collages!
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Shiro Loli

Obligatory "Is this loli?" post [EDIT: Aswered!]

Found this while I was walking through Walmart (Click picture for large image):

Floral Pleat Skirt

I know it doesn't look like it could hold a petticoat under it, but when I went to hold it out, by the corners, my arms kept going, and going, and going... until my arms where spread wide! :0

Do you think it could be loli with a few alterations? 

EDIT: Okay, general consensus says NO. Thanks for the answer, guys! It's still cute though, huh? ^_^
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Print Meetups?

I've noticed it happens a lot amongst friends the whole twinning thing. In the way cosplayers arrange series meetups at cons, do lolitas ever organize print gatherings?

Would anyone be interested in doing something like this at AX? Like have an epic cherry berry bunny pic with all the sugary carnivals....etc. I know a lot lolitas get extra dressed up for cons so I thought it would be a cute idea.