June 18th, 2009

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Paypal changes

OK, I was hoping that someone else would do a post first but heck...does anyone know what's going on with Paypal? I'm worried because basically all of egl sales are done mostly through Paypal and if they fuck up, it affects all of us.

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Any thoughts? Petitions? Solutions?

Some things pointed by other members,

dead_teddys1, Google Checkout: http://checkout.google.co.uk/ as an alternative. There's a review of Google checkout by milkypop

jolie_laide, using Personal Payment removed *ALL* protection, so you can't file a claim

Starry Candy Box WILL be attending Anime Expo 09!

Thank you to everyone's who had expressed their thoughts in our last posting.
Is it with great excitement that the decision has been made that Starry Candy Box will be attending Anime Expo 09 as exhibitor this year!

Our booth will have the latest, and the fullest compliment of Angelic Pretty merchandise, couple with our full service philosophy that you would expect for those who had attended our sister company's Oneesan Inc's previous events.
We will post more information as we move closer to the event.


*Please redirect all customer support related questions to us_info@starrycandybox.com. As we do not conduct customer support over Live Journal.
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metamorphose special set - photos up!

meta has put up photos of this year's summer special sets.  there will be a "crown label" set (empire waist gingham dress in black or red, a bracelet, and a random tote bag) and a "metamorphose" set (blouse, skirt, barrette and wristcuffs -- a few color possibilities).

details on the special sets are here.

also, details on the summer sale and lucky packs are here.

Roxy magical

egl_comm_art - New contest announced!

Greetings from one of the mods over at egl_comm_art!
We're a community based around Lolita artwork, a friendly place to post your work and get helpful critiques (or if you just want to share artwork you did without fear of being torn apart by the non-art community ;)). In addition to being a great place to show off your mad art skillz and ask for help and suggestions, one of the things that we're doing to keep the community active is having art contests!

Congratulations to our latest contest winner, ruin_hci with her winning entry, Primary Colour Threesome! Her artwork is now featured in the community profile.

New contest - LOLitas - Who says Lolita art has to be serious? Our next contest starts today and runs until the end of August. Entries can be absolutely anything relating to Lolita, as long as it's still art, and is humorous! The winner of this contest will receive a wood-burned jewelry box, burned by myself with a design of their choosing. For more details on this contest, please see the original post here.
For future contests, we're welcoming donations for prizes! Please contact either myself or wonderfinch if you have a Lolita item you'd like to donate for a future prize.

Currently accepting submissions for June's theme! The theme for June is "fanart". Pretty self explanatory; pick any fictional character (from a movie, tv series, anime, book, etc) and draw them in Lolita! This theme contest will run until June 26th at midnight. For more information, please see the original post here.

You must be a member in order to enter any of the contests (obviously). If you're interested in becoming a member, please see our community rules here.
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Lolitas at AMA?

Are any lolitas going to Anime Mid Atlatic this weekend in Hampton, VA? I checked the events but there doesn't seem anything to be related to lolita or jfashion. Is there a meetup going on? I'm just debating whether I should bother buying a ticket on Saturday or just show up and take pics.
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Shiro Loli

Another offbrand post... Cherry Bib Apron from... Hot Topic?!

I know people say that Hot Topic is not the place to shop for Lolita, but I came across this whilest shopping for Alice in Wonderland stuff (Click on pictures to see full size image):

Cherry Bib Apron

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Why do they call it a 'bib'... ? >_<

I don't know how exactly you would use this in a cordinate unless you have a cherry theme, and even then it's a bit maid-ish being an apron, but you could just wear it around the house for when when you're cooking or something like that. I just know a lot of the Sweet Lolitas here like food prints like cupcakes, candy and fruit, so I though I should post this.

EDIT: Found another apron! Black And Red Cherry Half Apron
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Just an idle question...

I've seen lots of "close call" stories on the community, but I've only seen a few that involve an item being totally ruined. I'm usually really careful with my things, but I was recently involved in a little mishap that left my BtSSB ice cream JSK AND my Beth Madras Plaid JSK damaged to the point that I couldn't repair them. (I was wearing the Beth JSK when I rushed to go save my Baby dress and it got caught in the crossfire. I didn't notice until later, though.) It was obviously upsetting but at least my parents now know not to touch my things without asking first and that Lolita is mostly dry-clean only. I walked away from the experience with a new-found love for colorfast cloth, too. 

Has something ever happened to your clothes that pretty much ruined them? It's tough to resell stuff when it's in that condition and it would be hard to throw away something you loved. Even though altering brand is considered taboo in some circles, did you try and do something to fix the problem anyway?   

Bodyline U.S. Buyers Beware. You take a gamble with hidden fees.

You've heard the horror stories, well here's mine. I mainly wear real burando to conventions and meetups, but for work I was buying what I thought were bargains from Bodyline. I have only ordered from them 3 times. Each time I have been through DHL HELL. I have HAD it with them for not using EMS.

1st horror story: I got picked randomly and was harassed by DHL for my Social Security Number. After a month of phone calls and complaints they sent my package back to Japan because I refused to give out my personal information. It is against the law for them to ask that. So I got my package months later.
2nd horror story: The second time I ordered, everything seemed fine until SURPRISE, 3 seasons later I get a U.S. customs bill for over 35 dollars for that package. If I had KNOWN they'd charge that surprise fee I would have bought REAL BURANDO. 
3rd horror story: The 3rd time I bought from them, before I even GOT my package, a U.S. customs fee bill came in the mail for over 35 bucks. 

The surprise DHL fees + shipping fees cost me more than the items! I'm sticking to used loli clothes for casual wear now, and slightly higher Cosmates for anything from Bodyline just to avoid the stupid DHL hell. Just thought I'd warn you all.